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A Christmas Story & Gift From Jack!


Yesterday I shared an article with you from my friend Roger
Allen from the Human Development Institute,  on the gifts of
giving.  Today I wish to share with you a story to warm your

A Christmas Story & Gift From Jack!

A Christmas Story & Gift From Jack!

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Part 2:  Stories abound that touch the soul and remind us of
what is really important.

Here is one by Claire Robinson:

Eric scuffled out of the run down apartment building. Again
he was alone. The streets looked like a long wet pieces of
black licorice under the street lights.  As Eric walked he
began his escape into another world. He left his feelings of
loneliness and unhappiness and entered a world in which he
hungered to belong.

Why was Eric escaping? Eric was an orphan. His mother died
when he was two and his father was never around. His father
did provide food but he drank away the rest of his earnings.
His brothers and sisters had orphaned him too. They had run
away from the world which seemed to keep Eric a prisoner.
Education had orphaned him too. He just did not have the
clothes or the social acceptance to be a part of school. So
each day would grind painfully past with nothing to do or
live for.

This is why Eric was escaping; escaping into a world of
imagination, fun and fantasy. A world which treated him like
an equal. This wonderful place was the “Christmas World”.
He did not understand why people were so kind at this time
of year, but they were. He loved to walk the streets and see
the lights and Christmas scenes. He loved to hear the gaiety
and laughter of the holiday season. As Eric approached one
department store, he gazed in the window.

There was Santa in red and white sitting in his magnificent
throne giving candy to little children who would sit on his
lap. A tear welled up in his eye. He could never remember
Santa coming to his home.  At age 12 he knew Santa was not
true but still he wished he could find a present under the
non-existent tree in the front room.

Eric became depressed in his beautiful world. No longer was
he equal. He was cold, helpless, hungry and feeling
abandoned. This feeling overwhelmed him and hurt so much
that he darted down an ally to get away from it.

As he was halfway down the ally he heard a soft, timid
whimpering sound. He stopped–looked around–and started to
walk on. He heard the noise again and began to move toward
it. There huddled in a dark corner was a cold wet stranded
puppy. It tired to growl to frighten off this giant
stranger, but it was too weak and hungry for any sound to
come out.

Eric picked up the puppy and began petting it. He became
aware of how frail his new found friend was. He felt a
quiver go through the puppy and realized it was time for a
decision. In his pocket was one of his most treasured
possessions, his lucky dime. He had found it in his mother’s
old purse. Though he never knew his mother he loved the dime
and knew it was lucky because it was once hers. Eric looked
at his dime and he looked at the quivering friend. He held
the puppy tight as he once again emerged into the Christmas
world. Quickly he paced off the two blocks to an old grocery
store. There in that store he left the only remembrance of
his mother and bought a carton of milk.

Carrying the puppy and clutching the milk he descended down
the dark ally. Sitting on the ground, he poured the ivory
liquid into his hand. AS tears trickled down his cheeks,
feelings of loneliness and abandonment vanished. A Strong
union of friendship was created as Eric whispered in the
puppy’s ear, “Puppy, I’ll be your Santa.”

There are many children who will not have much of a
Christmas, if any, this year. Let’s all decide to give to a
child this Christmas season so they can feel loved and be
uplifted no matter what their circumstances are. And
remember, it is not the cost of the present that matters it
is the love that is felt when we give from the heart.

I wrote the following poem after having discovered the
blessings that come to me for giving to others.

To have your spiritual needs met,
It is better to give than to get.
Reach out to those in need
And your soul you will feed.

I hope you all have a wonderful, fun and love filled
Christmas season!

Jack M. Zufelt
“Mentor to Millions”

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  1. Merry Christmas. !!!!

  2. sometimes i give cash as Christmas gift if i can’t think of a great gift idea.*.

  3. my favorite christmas gift is none other than a kiss and a hug;;’

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