Saturday, May 26th, 2018

A Genuine Experience


Hi, Jack Zufelt here.

I love helping others and I feel it is a mission from above to use my God given talents, wisdom and knowledge to bless others. My weekend retreats do that in a very BIG way.

Here is a poem written by a graduate of The Zufelt Experience. (TZE)

Read it and you will see why it may be exactly what you are searching for so you can break free, soar and maximize your life’s happiness and joy!

This Zufelt Experience has changed some lives

For singles, kids, husbands and wives

The weekend began with obstacles, questions and fears,

We punched through boxes had connections and tears.

Be open, honest, willing to grow and to whatever it takes!

What a huge difference a Zufelt Experience makes!

Jack is powerful, intelligent, gentle and kind,

He has empowered so many with his genius mind;

He creates an environment that is safe and true;

He helped find core desires and saved marriages too

We’ve learned to make choices, take risks, change and trust;

Be open and honest and to what we must.

He speaks the truth and as a mentor he’s in the know

He’s a miracle worker, magician, minister and knows how to make dough

When the Zufelt Experience is offered, catch a train, plane or car

Make a decision to come, whether it is near or if it’s far;

Borrow the money use credit just do what it takes

You too will say what a difference Jack Zufelt makes.

Go to: http://www.thezufeltexperience and register right away.

Call me if you want to discuss how it can help you accelerate your ability to make things happen. 303 741-9025

Jack Zufelt

P.S. Though I like earning it, money is NOT my god so I don’t limit my ability to help others based on their ability to pay. Call me if this is an issue. 303 741-9025.

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