Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

Are Obstacles Causing You to Soar to Succeed?


That may sound like a strange question, especially if you are in a situation or circumstances where it seems like resistance or an obstacle of some kind seems to you to be preventing you from realizing your Core Desires.

But consider that most individuals won’t know what they really do want without adversity.

Are Obstacles Causing You to Soar to Succeed?

Are Obstacles Causing You to Soar to Succeed?

Let’s reflect on the flight of a kite.

One of my mentors once taught me a lesson on adversity when he asked me to think about what makes a kite fly.

I said, “It’s the wind.”

He replied, “The answer is, the string. What would happen if, while flying a kite, you let go of the string? The kite would fall. You see, it’s that resistance to the wind, provided by the string, that not only keeps it aloft but causes it to soar to great heights.”

So ARE obstacles causing you to soar to succeed?

I realized when I considered my mentors’ question further that has been true for me in my own life experience.  As a result of seemingly negative things that have happened to me, I have arrived at where I am today. There is no doubt I didn’t enjoy them when they were happening, but in hindsight, I can see that these events or experiences were some of the best things that could have happened to me.

Think about your own life and remember that when you encounter resistance or adversity, remember that you’re like a kite soaring in the sky and you need resistance to become strong and to stay up there or soar higher.

Some find it hard to acknowledge this is true in the moment they are experiencing adversity and I admit it can be hard but there are tools you can utilize that will assist you.

To overcome obstacles two key steps of the “Success Attitude” must be engaged:

  • Persistence
  • Conquering Desire

They work in tandem to help you reach your Peak Performance

When you are acting on what is truly a Core Desire, your Conquering Force will come into play and provide you with the impetus to Persist.

Persistence will subsequently provide you with the will to never give up on the Core Desire you are pursuing.

This level of persistence exists in all of us if we want something with all our heart and the ability to solve problems is one of the most important elements of achievement in any endeavor.

Problems will crop up. Accept that as a fact of life. Solving those obstacles is the way to soar to success.

Once you become aware that obstacles and resistance are only bumps on your road to Succeed, you will acknowledge them for the contribution they are to reaching Peak Performance.

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3 Responses to “Are Obstacles Causing You to Soar to Succeed?”
  1. Your positive outlook is inspirational. Phenomenal lesson with the kite. Those who fail to not only persevere through the resistance, but use it to their advantage are not going to be able to live up to their full potential.

  2. Truly inspiring post. I think adversity is the part of life & your road to success will be never easy, Obstacles in your way are always good for a reason. We all are not perfect, but we can fight & make our way clear with having a success attitude. I think Positive thinking is also required.

  3. Persistence is a basic element to succeed, but patience is the other important factor. Many times we are lost with persistence because we fail with our patience.

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