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Are You Holding Yourself Back By Your Limiting Beliefs?


Are You Holding Yourself Back By Your Limiting Beliefs?

I want to share with you a video I watched recently.  This video is about Heeah Lee, a girl who was born with only 4 fingers.

Her story highlights two subjects I believe strongly in; Mentorship and the discovering your Core desires.

View the video here: The 4 Fingered Pianist

Are You Holding Yourself Back By Your Limiting Beliefs?

Are You Holding Yourself Back By Your Limiting Beliefs?

As you will see in this short film, young Heeah Lee was not only born with just four fingers, her legs were also deformed as part of her condition.

Born in Korea, her mother, Kapsun, was told by the doctors that they didn’t believe she should even be brought home.  Yet her mother refused suggestions of sending her away to another wealthier country and took her home.

So how is it that as a young girl with two of the most critical physical tools for the profession, with seemingly everything against her, did she grow to become a successful pianist?

How did she miss being over come by what otherwise could have turned into HER limiting beliefs?

Clearly evident in this video is how Heeah was mentored by her mother from the time she was a young girl, always seeing her as complete and beautiful.  She helped guide her daughter to become a master achiever. With the aid of her mother’s loving mentoring, Heeah found her Core Desires, never focusing on perceived limitations or weaknesses.

I believe that this story emphasizes how important it is to uncover your Core Desires, particularly with the guidance of a mentor.

As I discuss in the DNA of Success discovering your Core Desires and Conquering Force are what will assist you in achieving the success in life that you desire, just as Heeah has done.

At just 3 feet 4 inches, Heeah requires her specially made piano pedals to travel with her to every recital.  Yet to watch and listen to her perform in front of an audience, you would be hard pressed to spot either of these so called physical limitations.

I hope that when you watch it you will come to know that you are not limited by your current weaknesses or physical limitations. You are only held back by your limiting beliefs and paradigms.

Know that you CAN be a master achiever like this amazing person if you are focusing on:

  • Your Core Desires
  • And learn the “how tos” from someone who is successful at what you want to do or be….a mentor.

I hope this video inspires you like it did me.

To Your Success,

Jack M. Zufelt
“Mentor to Millions”

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