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Are You Looking For a “Shortcut” to Create Your Own Person – to Have the Kind of Life You Want?


Are you dreaming of the “work smarter, not harder” kind of shortcut? The one that allows you to achieve maximum happiness, business success, and outstanding personal relationships in the shortest time possible as you create your own person?

If you weren’t able to attend my Q&A event last night, I want you to know that the replay is ready for you now. You can listen in to hear as I answered many peoples’ questions and concerns about barriers holding them back from success – the recording is highlighted right at the top of the page when you visit here now.

I also want to share another Q&A experience I’ve had with you today – a letter from Vincent… he wants to know about  “shortcuts.” He sent me the letter below asking for my input and help. I thought you might be intrigued at my response:

Are You Looking For a

Dear Jack,

I’ve read about The Zufelt Experience and I’ve listened to the excellent tele-conferences, but I’ve still got some unanswered questions. I’m going to list them and ask that you try to answer them.

1) How can The Zufelt Experience help me achieve success in my business in the shortest possible time?

My Answer: I will help you get the proper heartset and proper mind set so that you no longer have barriers and obstacles in your life and business that keep you from achieving what you want. Obviously, one or more obstacles are in the way and we must find out what they are and destroy them.

2) If I follow what you teach, how fast can I see the result?

My Answer: Instantly. True, creating the income you desire will take time. But if you don’t DO and BE
differently you will never make the money that is there to be made. If you find yourself going the wrong direction on a road and turn around and go to the right direction, that is an instant decision and the right direction is now being taken. However it will take some time to get where you wanted to go. If you have been going the wrong direction for 1,000, miles it will take a while to get back.

3) How can The Zufelt Experience help me become a more confident person & increase my level of personal development to attract the types of quality people into my business?

My Answer: A lot more self-confidence is one of the things you get from The Zufelt Experience. That will impact all areas of your life, including your success or lack of success in your business or career.  Also, for your information, we are not like magnets. I totally disagree that a certain personality “attracts” people. As you create your own person, a confident and powerful personality will cause people to follow whatever path the you are recommending or promoting – but you can’t sit in a mall and “attract” business builders or customers.  Confident people find and lead people.

4) Can The Zufelt Experience really change my life PERMANENTLY or is it just TEMPORARY likes most courses out there where you get excited for a couple of days or weeks, and you go back to your same old self?

My Answer: Once stretched, you cannot return to your original shape. The change you will experience will be
permanent because of the fact that you learn truths and want what those truths will give you more than you want to go back to the old way of doing things.   Many Zufelt Experience attendees have reported back to me that the changes were still in effect 5, 10, 15 years later.  You will meet some of them at the upcoming Zufelt Experience.

5) Money is a big issue to me. As mentioned, I have no income right now. If you were to be my mentor what would you advise me?

My Answer: Borrow the money. Sell your car. Do whatever it takes so you can get the massive and immediate change YOU NEED. If you don’t you will stay stuck and that’s not necessary while I am alive and holding The Zufelt Experience.

6) My family sees no value in me attending The Zufelt Experience. Can you give me the assurance that this course can really help me? I can see the value in it but not my family.

My Response: Don’t listen to them. Do not let anyone, including your family, rain on your parade. My parents were my worst enemy. They did all they could to discourage me from starting my own business. I’m so glad I didn’t listen to them.  They just did not know any better and they did it out of love for me but, that didn’t change the fact that their advice was wrong.

7) One last question Jack… So far, as I know, none of the courses out there really can do miracles or make permanent or long lasting change, why is The Zufelt Experience having such an impact on people?

My Response: That’s because most only preach and lecture to you. You get all excited and motivated while there. The Zufelt Experience is NOT like that, which is why I will only allow 20 paid students with their spouses or business partners to attend. With that small number of students I can really get into the minds and hearts of everyone there. It is experiential – not lecture only.

Thanks Jack,
Vincent in Singapore

Well, there you have it. He asked some very good questions about his life, business, family and future.

You see, I belive The Zufelt Experience will give not only Vincent but also you a “shortcut” to success, achievement, happiness, and success.

But don’t just take my word for it. You can find plenty of testimonials right here from attendees who have said it best.

You must decide to believe them or not. They have no reason to mislead anyone. I am not paying them a dime to say what they know to be truth.

Now you must make a decision. You must decide to trust me, get yourself registered and come to The Zufelt Experience expecting a miracle… you will get one.

Take a few minutes out of your schedule today and listen to the replay of last night’s tele-conference.

It’s highlighted right at the top of the page – and you’ll also be able to pick up a gift from me there of a video series that’s going to show you some real mone.y making opportunities.

If you’ve got questions about The Zufelt Experience or about success, achievement, relationships, or peak performance, you can give me a call at: 303 741-9025 (9-5 Monday – Friday, MST)

I look forward to connecting with you soon.

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