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What Does Your Personal Development Have to do With Motivation in the Workplace?


Have you ever seen the show, The Office or the movie, Office Space? While I hope that your own working situation ISN’T similar to those shows, really maintaining motivation in the workplace and other areas of life can sometimes seem to be a bit like it is in these posters!

In these times, it’s important to have real motivation behind whatever it is you’re doing, and motivation in the workplace never has as much to do with what you DO as it does with your own personal development.

Choosing to take a journey of personal development is often driven by many potential factors, but it usually comes down to wanting to improve certain areas of your life, whether it be health, work, relationships, finances, spirituality, or what have you.

Personal development is essentially the deliberate growth of an individual in such a way that brings out your potential and capabilities to make you aware of your inner feelings and beliefs so that you can recognize what you want and move forward from where you are.

To get started on the road to development, it’s important to become aware of what you already have before thinking of what is missing in your life. Awareness must come first in order to make a conscious decision.

Here are some further tips to help you get started on the way to personal development and maintaining motivation:

What Does Your Personal Development Have to do With Motivation in the Workplace?

What Does Your Personal Development Have to do With Motivation in the Workplace?

Find out and recognize your Core Desires. Do you know the real reason that most people aren’t motivated is that they’re not doing what they want to do? And if you’re like most, you probably don’t even know what it is that you really want to do!

As you begin to identify your own Core Desires, remember: Core Desires aren’t objectives imposed on you by others. They aren’t “shoulds” or “ought-tos.” Core Desires are those things you want with all your heart. They are deep, intense, and powerful longings. They are persistent, ever-demanding, heartfelt hungers or yearnings that pierce you to the very core.

One easy way to identify them is that they are always tied to a strong emotion in your heart-which is the reason anything in your life gets done at a high level of success, satisfaction, and fun!

Along with identifying your real desires, take some time to take care of yourself. Take a look at your day to day schedule. Do you find yourself giving more time to other people through your job, clubs, family, etc. and less or no time for yourself?

Some people easily lose motivation because they themselves do not feel the rewards of living their life. Even 15 minutes can be enough time for you to be able to focus on yourself to rejuvenate.

Do not be afraid of making mistakes. You will only get success from doing things – not avoiding them. History has proven again and again that many brilliant ideas come from making mistakes, so you should not let the fear of failure stop you from doing whatever you want to do with your life.

Be flexible and willing to change your approach in the way you view life if you know that things are no longer working. Sometimes, when you have a set plan for something or you set your mind to do something, things do not always go smoothly. Remember that as long as you are focused on your destination, it does not matter how you get there as long as you do get there in the end.

Get help. Find someone you can talk to – someone you can vent to – someone who will teach you and mentor you. I recently came across an amusing commercial on YouTube that really reinforces the effectiveness of ‘cheer leading’. Check it out here and take it to heart! There are few things that are more important when it comes to maintaining motivation and achieving success.

And lastly, do not forget to celebrate your achievements. When you make any progress, award yourself because you deserve it. This will prompt you to both aim for more and achieve more.

If you want to learn more about how you can become motivated to get out of being ‘stuck’ where you are now, I invite you to join me on my upcoming free tele-training, Overcoming Invisible Barriers That Keep You Stuck. I’ll teach you the 7 things you need to know to truly break down the barriers of whatever is holding you back from success in your life.


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  1. Personal development is a crucial part of everybody’s personal growth. It is impossible to achieve personal success if the individual hasn’t concentrated in internal growth. Through personal development, we can achieve goals that we never dreamed we could accomplish.

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