Monday, June 25th, 2018

Blueprint for Success: Is It True That Men Don’t Like To Ask For Directions?


We’re still in my series, Seven Mistakes that People Make Over and Over¸ drawn from the Success in 5 Minutes course.  I hope you’ve had a chance to look that over.  It’s a really affordable way to define your Core Desires and release your Conquering Force once and for all.  But in the meantime, let’s talk about Mistake #4:  People fail to seek feedback and make course corrections.

Blueprint for Success: Is It True That Men Don't Like To Ask For Directions?

Blueprint for Success: Is It True That Men Don't Like To Ask For Directions?

Is it true that men don’t like to ask for directions?  Well, if you looked at that video, you know one reason why men might not like asking for directions.  But I have to say, in my experience, adults don’t like asking for directions.

Why not?

  • It hurts your pride. That’s why I emphasized adults. Children know that they don’t know everything, so they’re not afraid to ask for help and take advice. Adults struggle with this.
  • You have a habit. When get good feedback, you have the choice to ignore it, or correct your course. If you ignore it, you stay in your comfort zone. Sure, what you’re doing might not work, but at least it’s familiar and easy.
  • You like the feeling of mastery. Let’s say you own a pie shop. Your specialty is making apple pies. You’ve made hundreds by now, and boy, are you good at it. You can measure out the spices in your sleep, and you can detect by smell when the pie is done. But the feedback that you’ve received indicates that banana cream pie is more popular and would propel you to success. Now you have to abandon your expertise – apple pies – and go back to feeling like an amateur until you master banana cream pies.
  • You have the wrong concept of Conquering Force. Going back to the pie shop scenario: Your Core Desire is to bake for a living. You trust me when I tell you that your Conquering Force will drive you right through your barriers. But I never said that you wouldn’t have to make some course corrections along the way. Be driven by your Core Desires, but let go of the blinders. Sometimes it’s better to go around a barrier than over or through it.

Finding your Core Desires and freeing your Conquering Force is a clean, simple process, but real life is messy.  Accept that you are in a learning process of defining your Core Desires, pursuing your dreams, making adjustments, and pushing forward again.  Find excellent sources of feedback and knowledge, and make strategic choices en route to your ultimate success.

I’d like to work with you more on finding your Core Desires and achieving the kind of success you crave. If you dedicate only 5 minutes a day for 30 days, I’ll give you the blueprint for success that will change your entire future.

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