Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

Blueprint for Success: Do You Want This . . . Or Do You Just Think You Should?


My dad was disappointed in me.  I got beat up almost every day at school – my Navajo classmates hated me for being Caucasian.  My grades were bad.  My teachers saw me as a trouble maker, destined for failure.  Even I was convinced that I was a loser – too dumb to ever amount to anything.

That’s my story.  You know yours – why you can’t succeed, why you can’t have the future that you dream of.  Those beautiful dreams always seem to be for other people, don’t they?

Blueprint for Success: Do You Want This . . . Or Do You Just Think You Should?

Blueprint for Success: Do You Want This . . . Or Do You Just Think You Should?

It’s not true.  In spite of my unlikely beginning, I found success, and you can, too, if you understand the blueprint for success

I want that for you.  I want you to be able to enjoy the confidence and feeling of well-being that stems from knowing that you are a success.  That’s why I’m offering Success in 5 Minutes for such a low price.  That’s why I write this blog.  And that’s why I’m going to devote this week’s blogs to telling you the seven mistakes people make, over and over again, in their quest for achievement.  So you can avoid them, and shoot in a straight trajectory to your successful future.

The first mistake, and the most common, is that people don’t know what they truly want.

Were you born to be a doctor?  A writer?  An investor?  What are you, at heart, and where does that quality, that essence of you, point you?

  • A bright kid goes to college, determined to be an engineer, and, as smart as he is, he drops out.
  • A woman signs on to be in sales. The company is excellent and the products are superior. But after months of authentic effort, the woman finally resigns in defeat.
  • An entrepreneur starts a business. He’s done all his research. It’s the right time for the service, and he’s set the business up to give it the optimum chance of success. Next door, a similar business, less-well researched, thrives. But the entrepreneur’s business falters, then dies.

Why?  Each of these people failed to take one critical step before they started out.  They failed to discover their Core Desires – that essential, in-born drive that defines them and foreshadows what their individual success should look like.

Maybe that sales woman went through the motions dutifully, hating it all the time, because her family had brought her up to believe that female engineers “aren’t really women,” and that the profession won’t tolerate females.  But say she has an in-born fascination with how things work.  As a hobby, she reads books on aircraft design and makes models of space shuttles.  If she has a Core Desire to be an engineer, then her Conquering Force will drive her right through the barriers of gender bias, right past the boy who went into the field because he thought his father wanted him to.

You must drill down to the absolute core of what you really want – not what others think you should want, or what you think you should want.  When you discover your Core Desire, you’ll turn on your internal Success Switch, and you’ll be ready to benefit from the blueprint for success.

Let me help you find your Core Desire, and move to success beyond anything you’ve imagined.   Give me 5 minutes for 30 days and you’ll be amazed at how you’re life is transformed.  Get your blueprint for success now.

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