Monday, June 25th, 2018

Blueprint for Success: “Why Do I Keep Failing? Is There Something Wrong With Me?”


I was sitting at the gate in the airport when I saw the baby crawling around the carpeted floor.  He was a cute little fellow.  I’m no good at estimating baby ages, but he was young enough to wear a diaper under his little blue outfit, and he was old enough show a mouthful of baby teeth when he grinned at everyone.  I watched him for a while before I realized that he wasn’t just randomly playing.  He had a goal.

He squirmed in his mother’s arms until she set him down.  He then would crawl to one of the plastic chairs and pull himself to his feet, using the pants leg of whatever stranger happened to be in reach.  Once he was upright, he opened his chubby palms, held his hands out for balance and fixed his gaze on his doting mama.  Then, wobbling wildly, he’d lift one foot and . . . plop down onto his well-padded bottom.  Then he’d whine and crawl to his mother, who would comfort him and wipe his hands with an antibacterial wipe.  But in a minute or so, he’d squirm to get down and try again.

“He’s trying to learn to walk,” I realized, not intending to say it out loud.

The guy next to me flashed me an irritated look and shrugged.  “Yeah.  That’s what they do.”

Blueprint for Success:

That’s what they do. Babies are born with Core Desires – inner drives to learn to walk, talk, bite grimy toys and smear cookie-crumb drool on stranger’s expensive suit slacks (which explains the irritation of the guy next to me).

This week I’m talking about the seven mistakes that people make that impede them from reaching their goals.  The second mistake is:  Buying into the myth of personal development and self-help tools.

Let’s go back to the baby.  He wants to learn to walk.  No  — he must learn to walk.  It’s an internally-driven imperative.  So what does he do next?

  • Affirmations. He focuses his gaze on the mirror in the belly of his stuffed clown and chants – “I am a good walker. My mommy and daddy are proud of me. I have exewent bawance.”
  • Goal-Setting. He has his mother jot down his long term goal: Be able to walk the length of our living room without falling. Then he breaks it down into . . . er . . . baby steps.
  • Visualization. Each afternoon when he’s tucked in for his afternoon nap, he closes his eyes and imagines himself taking sure, steady steps around the house, and even on the more challenging terrain of the back lawn.
  • Self-Help Books. He has his mommy read him picture books like Step Into Your Future – Your Guide to Becoming Ambulatory and The Power of Promenading.
  • Motivational Speakers. He attends weekend retreats with other babies and cheers as veteran walkers – as old as two or three – share their stories and lead chants of: “Born to walk! Born to Walk!”

You might be laughing now, but think about it.  If that’s how you get to success, why doesn’t the baby need to use those tools?

It’s obvious, isn’t  it?  He knows what he wants to do, and he’s going to keep at it until he gets there.  His Conquering Force will overcome all barriers, like sized ten men’s dress shoes, suitcases, and his mother’s worry over germ-ridden carpet.

If you know what your Core Desires are, you won’t need artificial incentives.  You’ll release the power of your inner drive – your Conquering Force.  And you will succeed.

As surely as that baby learned to walk.

What now?   Transform your life by learning blueprint for success.   Give me 5 minutes for 30 days.  You’ll be amazed at the results.

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