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Blueprint for Success: Why Put Success Off For Tomorrow When You Can Have It Today?


An aspiring writer I know became friends with the creator of a complicated role-playing game.  The creator asked him if he could write a novel featuring characters in the imagined world of the game.  “It’ll promote the game,” he said to the writer.  “And it will give you a book in print.  Maybe we’ll make it a series.”

Blueprint for Success: Why Put Success Off For Tomorrow When You Can Have It Today?

Blueprint for Success: Why Put Success Off For Tomorrow When You Can Have It Today?

Now. this writer knew that he’d just been handed the opportunity of a lifetime.  Fiction writing is a very tough business – for many writers, a career high point is getting a rejection slip that has a handwritten note across the top instead of only the pre-printed text.

Writing fiction, without a doubt, was this young writer’s Core Desire.  Unfortunately, he made Mistake # 6 of the Mistakes People Make Over and Over: succumbing to procrastination and analysis paralysis.

Here’s how it goes:

  • You make the big first effort. In the writer’s case, he dedicated every spare moment for a full month to his new novel. He wrote at the library, on the bus, and in the bathroom. He poured everything he had into that first third of the book.
  • Then he got tired. “I’ve got to get away from this computer!” The plot to his story got convoluted and unclear. The end of the book began to feel out of reach.
  • He fell into what I call analysis paralysis. “I can’t go on until I resolve the flaws to this plot!” I assume you do need to create some kind of blueprint for success for your plot, but he got caught up the planning. He read books about plotting. He watched movies with a similar genre. He wrote flow charts of potential plot lines. He didn’t write.
  • In the end, only a month before his deadline, he realized that he had no more time. His paralysis shifted to a frantic effort. He did produce a finished product, a week after his deadline, but it was pieced together, full of flaws and inconsistencies. It didn’t reflect his ability. The game creator published the book, but there was no offer of a series.

The writer knew his Core Desire, and he had the Conquering Force to drive him through obstacles.  He was handed an opportunity to take him to success, but he effectively sabotaged it by procrastinating.

You are going to have to watch for this.  Whether it’s fear of failure, bad work habits, or lack of emotional maturity, you might find yourself veering off course.  This is not the time for affirmations or visualization (see Monday’s blog).  This is the time to reconnect with your Core Desires and make sure you’re on course.  You will need to make course corrections, but make sure you haven’t veered into a completely different direction.

Procrastination and analysis paralysis is an easy trap to fall into, but I can help you avoid it.  Join me for the very affordable Success in 5 Minutes.  I’ll give a blueprint for success that will get you on course once and for all.


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  1. This is really encouraging and must read blog post for every writer. Thanks man for sharing. Going to share it on my entire social network.

  2. Not all RPG derived books have great storylines (or maybe they aren’t written very well). Take Magic the Gathering for example, the Plainshift series is really a pageturner compared to the Ravnika series which I highly anticipated and ended up not finishing up the 3 books.

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