Monday, June 25th, 2018

But, what if . . . ? How to Change Your Excuses To Triumphs!


Okay, Sports Fans.  Answer this trivia question:

What was Babe Ruth’s passion?

You give up?  Okay . . .  I’ll tell you.  Baseball!

Oh, you already knew that?  Yes, I guess you did.  If you’re a big baseball fan, you might be able to tell me Babe Ruth’s batting average in 1933.  Maybe you know what three teams he played for.  But even if you don’t care for sports at all, even if you wait for the tip-off in football and believe that the term “offsides” refers to a kid falling off the edge of the bleachers, you know that Babe Ruth loved baseball.  It was his Core Desire – to play that game and play it well.

But, what if . . . ? How to Change Your Excuses To Triumphs!

But, what if . . . ? How to Change Your Excuses To Triumphs!

By now you know that the first step on the road to success is to determine your Core Desires.  And then . . . why, then, you have to make like Babe Ruth.

But, what if . . .

  • What if you don’t have the background? What if you started out going down different career paths and now you’re just starting out? You’re competing with people with resumes an arm-length long – you don’t feel like you have a shot against them.
  • What if you don’t have the education? I mean, sports champions are groomed from early childhood. You didn’t go to Harvard. Maybe you didn’t go to college at all.
  • What if you just don’t know how? Your Core Desire is pointing you in a particular direction, say, art. But you don’t know how to paint! You’ve never even taken an art class.

Experience, education, knowledge.  These are all important, but if they stop you from achieving your dreams, they are excuses.  And my answer to all three is the same:

Figure out what you need, and get it.

Gain experience by doing.  Go to school (but be sure to make good decisions — many people make their money without a college education).  Take the classes you need, find mentors, read books or use the internet.

Babe Ruth was an unlikely hero.  He came from a rough background.  His mother died of tuberculosis when he was a teen, and only one of his seven siblings survived past infancy.  When he was only seven years old, his father sent him to an orphanage and signed his custody over to the Catholic missionaries who ran it.  In his career, he struck out 1,330 times – a record.  But what we remember was that Babe Ruth was a baseball hero.

Be the unlikely hero.  As you take your excuses and turn them into obstacles to be overcome, you’ll find yourself with increasing confidence.   In the end, it will be the successes you remember.

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  1. Make your passion your job and you are bound to succeed. It makes so much sense to pick something you love to do when you know you have to do it for the rest of your life.

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