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Do You Believe That Visualization Will Bring You Success?


Just like affirmations, visualizing the end result you desire can make you feel good, because you have been told this is a critical key to success and so you do it faithfully.

But, does it really work?

  • Has your income increased by $1,000 a month?
  • Have you lost the weight?
  • Do you have that new boat, new car or mountain cabin you visualized?

On the other hand, have you ever gotten something you wanted without doing daily affirmations and visualization?
Of course you have! It’s not visualization that cause you to have success! It is something much more simple!

I have achieved everything that is important in my life and work without visualization exercises and goal setting. I never wrote down that I would be a professional speaker or the author of a book.

I was raised on a Navajo Indian reservation. I was the only Caucasian boy in my high school senior class, and most of the other kids didn’t like me because of my skin color and because of what the “bilagonas” (white men) did to their ancestors.

Their anger towards me was inherent, and it meant that I was bullied almost every day.

Right before school let out every day, my heart would start pounding because I knew exactly what would happen next.

Do You Believe That Visualization Will Bring You Success?

Do You Believe That Visualization Will Bring You Success?

As soon as the bell rang, my classmates started to chase me, and if I got caught, I got beat up.

Recess and gym classes were also dangerous times for me. From the time I was 8 years old until I was 16, I lived in constant fear.

When I was ten years old, a boy my age put gum in my hair and hit me in the mouth. I went home with a fat lip, bleeding and crying.

My father believed that if I fought back, the bullies would leave me alone. So he put me in the car and drove me to where the boy lived.

When the kid saw me with my dad, he ran away. My father chased him down and stood him directly in front of me. My dad then tried to make me hit him.

“Slug him,” my dad said. “Hit him back!” The boy put up his fists up, getting ready to fight.

I refused to hit him. I just stood there with my hands at my sides, crying. I don’t know why I didn’t fight back, but I know that I was simply terrified.

My father then tried another tactic – fear motivation. He said, “If you don’t hit him, I’ll give you a whipping.” Still, I wouldn’t hit the boy, and in the end I got that whipping.

As my father got in the car to take me home, I heard him mutter, “I can’t believe I have a coward for a son!”
I can still recall those heart-rending words. He said them with such disgust and disappointment. I fully grasped how upset he was with me, and I was sure he didn’t like me.

I was a coward, and I knew it. My father knew it, too. Everyone knew it. I was teased and mercilessly ridiculed. I felt that my father was ashamed of me. I lived in fear and shame for years afterwards.

School was never a good experience for me. I did poorly; my grades were terrible. My teachers would say things like, “You are such a loser,” “You’ll never amount to much,” “How can you be so dumb?”

When I left high school I was convinced that I was both dumb and a loser. I never even considered going to college, telling myself, “I’m not about to pay money to go through that torture again.” My self-esteem was nonexistent.

When I was 19, I took a job as a milkman, and I hated it! I gave notice shortly after I began that I was quitting. But my boss at the dairy really liked me, and he offered me the chance to work at his karate studio as the manager.

He offered me a salary and told me that he would teach me how to do the job. He would also teach me all the karate I wanted to learn – for free!

For years I had lived in fear and had suffered the shame of being a coward, so when this opportunity presented itself, I didn’t even have to think about it. I just said yes!

I threw my heart and soul into karate. For 8 years, it was basically all I did. I had an intense Core Desire to defend myself and to regain my self-esteem.

No one would ever be able to hurt me again, and I wasn’t going to be a coward anymore!

I was driven from within to never again be afraid of anybody, to get back at all those bullies, and most importantly, to win my father’s respect.

My Core Desire was so powerful that I achieved many of the fighting skills of a black belt. Because I was driven from within to learn to fight, I became very good, and I was taught by some of the nation’s top fighters.

I loved every minute of it. I was injured many times – I had my nose broken twice, I jammed and sprained nearly every finger on both hands, I broke my left wrist, several toes, badly bruised my shins, and received many fat lips – but still I persevered.

Did I love the pain? No!

But because this was a genuine Core Desire, I never quit. This is the awesome, never-quit attitude that Core Desires bring with them.

Now that I am older, I realize that fighting wasn’t my Core Desire.

My Core Desire was to not be afraid or be called a coward anymore, and to win back my own self-respect as well as the respect of my father.

I had no talent, no self-esteem, and no athletic prowess that would suggest I could do what I did or become what I have become, but I did.

How can that be?

Without understanding it at the time, I had tapped into the energy and passion of a Core Desire and had refused to let my past determine my future.

Achieving this long sought after goal had nothing to do with visualization. It was much simpler than that. It wasn’t about making up a picture in my head, but had everything to do with tapping into the DNA of Success that already existed inside of me!

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12 Responses to “Do You Believe That Visualization Will Bring You Success?”
  1. Buddy says:

    Great thoughts Jack. I really enjoyed your book, The DNA of success. I think these days a lot more people are visualizing instead of taking action. 😉 All the best.

  2. kitspics says:

    Thanks Jack for sharing your story. I have had emails from you and listened to some of your teleconferences and you even talked to me on the phone for about an hour several years ago which I am still amazed at that someone like you would do. But I have never heard this story of your boyhood and your karate life and although it was sad to have such a bad youth it was a great example of overcoming. I sent for the DVD and look forward to staying in touch, Kit

  3. joe says:

    This sounds a lot like my child hood,except eventually took up boxing,and fought with everyone after i became good at it lol.but I still suffer from a lot of self doubts, i do not belive in the law of attraction in the way it is stated in “the secret”you you do not belive in yourself ytou cannot acgieve success. i still do not belive in myself, there fore i cannot succeed.

  4. Steve says:

    Gosh and wow…

    I happen to think that the film “The Secret” is full of dangerous tosh/rubbish. It’s dangerous because at it’s very core it hooks into people’s beliefs and then draws them in with pseudo science.

    Loved your story Jack.

    Mine was a bit different and I think says more about my core belief than I first realised. At my core is a sense Seeking the Truth and to Understand and Discover. I capitalise these words because they are so powerful to me.

    I tended to face up to bullies these have come in many forms and include; Nuns at a prep school I used to go to when I lived in Malta. A school teacher who seemed to like caning little boys. Bosses who thought they had the right to treat people poorly.

    Seeking the truth does have it’s problems though. Very few people can be truly objective, so I have to learn how to help people to think without trashing all their beliefs. I don’t really do this very well..D’oh

    May be you could teach me?

    My best wishes


  5. Hi Joe!

    Jack Here. It broke my heart to read your comment about not believing in yourself therefore you cannot succeed.

    Here is a question for you. You are right about “The Secret”.

    Most of the concepts taught there are false doctrine.

    Some are okay but just a little poison makes the whole batch deadly. If you can answer this question with a firm YES then what I write next will matter a great deal to you.

    Here is the question; Are you smart enough to learn what someone is willing to teach you?

    Notice I didn’t say it would be always be easy but can you learn?

    If you say YES then there are three things you have to do.

    1) DECIDE and firmly believe that your past cannot determine your future UNLESS you let it. If you don’t know if that is true or not then DECIDE to trust ME. I know it is true. Borrow from my faith and knowledge. Lean on me. I’ll be your crutch for a while. Perhaps get help from a qualified therapist for childhood trauma or addictions if they apply.

    2) You must discover you Core Desires so you can get your Conquering Force working for you. Your Core Desires unleash will unleash the power within you (I call it the conquering force) which will push you to do and learn and become whatever it takes to get those Core Desires.

    3) ASK for help and guidance from men and women who have achieved what you want to achieve. If you want to be a tennis pro don’t ask me how to get there. Ask a tennis pro.

    Then repeat this method for the rest of your life. The hardest thing is discovering your Core Desires. That is why you need my audio program and book. That is their main purpose.

    Let me know if you decided to do these three things.

  6. Hi Kit.

    Thanks for the kind worlds.

    As you have personally experienced, I really try to live up to the title of “Mentor to Millions”. It’s very time consuming because so many seek me out for help. Sometimes I simply do not have the time due to personal or business commitments but sometimes I can.

    This is why I have written my book, created the CDs and now have a blog. I will try to use this blog site to connect with the world in ways that otherwise I could not.

    May God continue to bless you as you seek to become all that is in you to become — which is a lot!

    Jack M. Zufelt

  7. Buddy, are right on my friend!

    People mistake visualization, affirming things hundreds of times a day and doing goal setting etc. as the things to do to be successful and that is a lie.

    They need to do what I preach in my book and CD and seminars which is to identify Core Desires them find a qualified mentor to show them how to get that Core Desire.

    To Your Success!
    Jack M. Zufelt

  8. Hi Elinfedly. I don’t know anything about this author Sukrat Gupta and his beliefs. All I know is that he wrote The Forgotten Myth. I hope your comparison to him was a compliment. : ) What do you mean the other side of the topic?

    Jack M. Zufelt

  9. Hey Steve,

    I would like to respond directly to you, watch for my email.


  10. stephanie says:

    This website is really nice. I myself have a website about weight loss.

  11. I’m not sure about the whole visualization thing, but I do believe that in many cases you can only do what you think you can (or at least suspect you might be able to). And conversely, if you believe you can’t do something, often you will not be able to – simply because you probably won’t try, or will give up at the first hurdle, as this will appear to confirm your inner belief.


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