Tuesday, September 26th, 2017

Do You Have Invisible Barriers?


Did you know that you have invisible barriers?

You do. And you are not alone.

We ALL have them. And, dang it, they are getting in the way of your success!Traffic Cones

I have identified 55 that exist and anyone of them can get in your way.

What if you have more than one? Most people do!

Here are just a few:

  • wanting more but not know how to make it happen
  • lack of confidence
  • procrastination
  • low self-esteem,
  • wrong or limiting paradigms
  • being a perfectionist
  • fear
  • not knowing WHY you are not as successful although you keep trying,
  • no or low passion
  • self doubt
  • marriage issues of all kinds

Most problems people experience are from two main things

1) ignorance and…
2) invisible barriers they have that get in the way of any “knowledge” they may have.

Ignorance is actually an invisible barrier too…. and it can be deadly. Ignorance about success principles is bad enough but ignorance your invisible barriers is just as bad if not worse because they can keep you stuck….forever repeating the same cycle of mediocrity or failure regardless of what you know.

Whatever YOUR invisible barriers are, they must be found and destroyed! You must not only identify them but be able to, with laser focus and precision efficiency, eliminate them completely. Like blowing up a dam! Only then can you achieve the success you long for and deserve….without being held back by one or more invisible barriers.

Once the Invisible Barriers are gone you will be able to move forward at any pace that you want!   If they aren’t destroyed you are destined to continue to get what you have been getting no matter how many self-books you read or how many hours you spend listening to motivational and self-help CD programs. Those things are of no value if the invisible barriers interfere with the application of what is taught.

Knowledge is NOT power. The proper use of knowledge is power. So what if you have barriers you can’t see that interfere with the proper use of that knowledge?

About 20 years ago I created a methodology that identifies and eradicates invisible barriers. It is amazingly fast and lasts forever. I have people from many countries and every walk of life and profession you can imagine come to me for help in getting to the “next level” in their life. Italy, Singapore, Australia, Canada, Norway. People are the same all over the world. We all have invisible barriers.

It saddens me how much people spend in time, energy, discouraging feelings and outright failure, over and over only to end up someplace different than they wanted to be.
You simply must do something different. You can’t afford not to! And my methodology found only at “The Zufelt Experience” is, in my humble, but totally confident opinion, the best way to quickly (2.5 days) get the results you so desperately want, need and deserve.

The Zufelt Experience (TZE) For Peak Performance

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This is your opportunity (maybe your only chance) to attend this internationally acclaimed, life-enhancing, super-achiever, peak performance weekend.

Finally – reach the level of performance you always knew you could reach.

P.S. Check out my video on Invisible Barriers HERE : http://pages.jackzufelt.com/successseminar

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