Monday, June 25th, 2018

Financial Freedom: How Can You Make Money If You Don’t Have a Lot of Money To Begin With?


Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, wrote:  “Direct Selling . . . is a revolutionary way to achieve wealth.”Selling!  If you just shuddered and envisioned yourself carting a carpetbag of brooms from door to door, it’s time to update your vision.  Most direct selling comes in the form of multi-level marketing, and it offers you some incredible advantages in your quest for financial freedom

  • You don’t need any particular experience, expertise, or degree to get started. All you need is the CoreDesire to make it
    Financial Freedom: How Can You Make Money If You Don't Have a Lot of Money To Begin With?

    Financial Freedom: How Can You Make Money If You Don't Have a Lot of Money To Begin With?


  • The best companies have extraordinary training systems in place. If you are determined to succeed, they will give you all of the information, skills and tips that will get you there.
  • Your initial financial investment is relatively low – usually under $500.
  • By contrast, the potential for building wealth is huge. In a reputable company with a good compensation program, you can definitely achieve financial freedom.
  • You have the opportunity to build an organization, made up of people who are building an organization.

Selling is not for everyone, and this may not be the investment vehicle for you.  Read on, because in my next blog I will discuss the drawbacks of direct selling.  If you are considering direct selling, be sure to research your company carefully and find a product or service you genuinely believe in.

As you make your investment decisions, I’d like to help you sort through all of the information.  Success in 5 Minutes a Day will lead you to the wealth that you’ve never thought possible.  Join the affordable program Success in 5 Minutes a Day and learn how you can put leveraging to use.

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4 Responses to “Financial Freedom: How Can You Make Money If You Don’t Have a Lot of Money To Begin With?”
  1. Larna Pittiglio@yourkeywords says:

    In this day and age no one likes to be ‘sold to’ anymore…. so when considering a network marketing or direct sales business it is important to get a feel for their ‘sales pitch’…… are they into ‘ambushing’ every person you know into signing up? or does the quality of their product and the passion of their people enable the product to ‘sell itself’?

    In this age of social media…. we are learning that all companies, direct sales or otherwise need to be able to offer more to their customers than a product sales pitch…. if you and your company have the right strategy, there should be no need to feel like you are ‘selling’ anyone….


  2. I suppose it gets back to that old adage of different strokes for different folks.
    Finding what is right for yourself is half the battle.

  3. Absolutely, first of all, if you’re not interested in doing it and you’re just doing it for the money, it’s not going to bring a lot of success. You’ve got to have a desire for the service you’re promoting, if you love it definitely others will love it too.

    And as you said, I also second your opinion to research thoroughly before investing with anyone (even if they’re free to join, research still because you’ll be investing time nevertheless) to avoid any scams or disappointments.

  4. Bryan says:

    I believe the opportunity to make money is no different than it was a decade ago. It all starts with a dream and vision. You have to experience some levels of setback in order to appreciate the successes in life. Do not give up.

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