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Financial Freedom: Is Multi-Level Marketing A Trap Or An Opportunity?


“I was told I could be bringing in upwards of $100,000 within two years of signing on,” Dave wrote. “I went to hundreds of meetings and when I wasn’t at a meeting I was on the phone.  I was recruiting constantly – my extended family started avoiding me.  Then all of a sudden, the company went out of business.  Here I am with a  garage full of expensive products, a couple of thousand dollars on my credit card from buying products to push up to the next level, and a couple of really strained relationships.”

Dave is one of many, many people who made their upline rich as they struggled to make the promises of an

Financial Freedom: Is Multi-Level Marketing A Trap Or An Opportunity?

Financial Freedom: Is Multi-Level Marketing A Trap Or An Opportunity?

MLM come true.  It is possible for people to make money, but many don’t.  If you’re considering signing on, keep these things in mind:

  • If you don’t believe in what you’re selling, or your Core Desires didn’t lead you here, you won’t succeed. Direct Sales is an excellent vehicle for attaining financial freedom, but it’s not a free lunch.
  • 95-98% of multi-level marketing companies fail within 24 months. If you remember our discussion of start-up businesses, then you know that this is significantly higher than the average. You have to be very careful to associate yourself with a thriving, established firm.
  • If you want to succeed, you’ll have to be consistent, persistent, and completely dedicated to recruiting others into your organization.
  • Like any other worthwhile investment, direct sales is time consuming. Whether you work at another job or not, plan on committing a minimum of 15 hours per week to your new organization.

Multi-level marketing has a stigma, in large part because so many people sign on but fail to achieve their goals.  You may know someone who did just that.  You may have yourself.  There is tremendous potential for wealth in direct sales, but you have to do your research, have a realistic expectation of what is required, and the willingness to commit yourself fully.

As you make your investment decisions, I’d like to help you sort through all of the information.  Success in 5 Minutes a Day will lead you to the wealth that you’ve never thought possible.  Join the affordable program Success in 5 Minutes a Day and learn how you can put leveraging to use.


7 Responses to “Financial Freedom: Is Multi-Level Marketing A Trap Or An Opportunity?”
  1. Larna Pittiglio@yourkeywords says:

    This network marketing story is a great lesson on how to identify a network marketing or direct sales company to stay away from…

    Yes you can earn that much that quickly, but if they train a selling style that requires you to ‘ambush’ your family and friends, then consider that your first warning… if you are purchasing product to elevate and the company or upline are encouraging or enabling this…then alarm bells should be going off for you…

    It is a business…. take the emotion out of it…… Build a solid business… based on ‘REAL’ sales of a ‘REAL’ product that you love…. not the emotions of receiving recognition or a pat on the back….. whilst incentives and recognition can be very rewarding and a key part of the FUN of this kind of business, it can also be a trap for some.

    Research your company….. you are much better off with a company that does not require you to purchase product and on sell it….. choose a company that processes customer orders and delivers direct….

    Other than that… it is like anything…. you will get back from it what you put in to it….. ‘there is no such thing as a FREE lunch’

  2. I agree in your post. Some are a victim of MLM but some also succeeded and it is also very important the pros and cons before joining.

  3. Hmmm, I think it’s the similarity to pyramid schemes that turn me off these type of schemes – that and the way one starts viewing every social contact as a potential sales opportunity.

  4. Bob says:

    Aren’t all companies shaped like a “pyramid?” A few at the top and many at the bottom. The only difference is, in Microsoft, you will never be Bill Gates no matter what you do. In network marketing, if you work hard on the right activities, you can be in that position. That is the way I see it anyway.

  5. artgrazer says:

    @JackMZufelt Hi Jack.I recently got on Twitter and found you here. Just wanted to say Hello.

  6. Gavin Wright says:

    multi-level marketing can really give you lots of profits if done right;`~

  7. when you engage in a multi-level marketing, you can actually become a millionaire in such a short time *

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