Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

Get out of that rut!


So many people are stuck! Maybe this applies to you, It saddens me that they are less than happy with their life. Not being able to break out of ruts is frustrating at a minimum and devastating at a maximum. Something HAS to change!

I have made it part of my life’s mission to help millions of people around the globe become unstuck!  I am committed to helping you and anyone else do that as I share truths that can cause you to be able to achieve whatever you desire.

Get out of that rut!

Get out of that rut!

With these truths ruts become history and you:

* won’t feel that you must not have what it takes.

* won’t be using daily affirmations or visualization techniques the end result of which is less than satisfactory.

* won’t be committing goals to paper and reading them several times a day with large failure rates.

*  won’t waste your valuable time and money on self-help programs, techniques, tools and tactics that simply don’t work.

* won’t make New Year’s resolutions that you’ll break. You’ll either make them and keep them, or you won’t make them at all.

*  won’t continue to beat your head against the proverbial brick wall.

*  won’t be breaking pine boards or walking over hot coals, i.e. the fire walk, to make you successful.

FYI — Fire walking, in case you are unaware of it, is used to convince persons attending costly seminars that your mind rules. The point that they make is that if a person can get the courage to walk over hot coals, they have the courage and determination to achieve anything they wish in life.  I know many people who have walked over hot coals and were ecstatic when they completed their “fire walk”.

Those participating in this exercise buy into that faulty thinking and sincerely believe that if they can walk over the hot coals it’s proof that they are now equipped with the right attitude and can now go and do anything. This is simply not true.

Let’s see what science has to say about this. According to a brief article in the August 19, l993 issue of Newsweek, scientists discovered that it was virtually impossible to burn the soles of your feet if you “tripped the light fantastic” over a five-foot-long bed of wood coals. They’ve done so, using Band-Aids made of plastic and paper on the bottoms of their feet, and the bandages didn’t burst into flame or even singe after close exposure to the 1,200 degree burning charcoal. So the explanation is obvious–it isn’t the individual’s powerful mind control that is at work here. It’s merely elementary physics.

That’s why my research has shown that three weeks or three months later their lives have not changed one bit. They are still stuck but they can walk on hot coals.

You won’t be wasting your time when you understand the true cause of all achievement which is simply two things:

1)  Accurately identify your Core Desires…those things you want so badly it/they pierce you to the very core of your being. On a scale of 1 to 100 they are 100s.

2) Find somebody ( a mentor) who can show you how to make that Core Desire happen.

I hope I get to help you become a success and not someone stuck in any ruts.

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