Sunday, March 18th, 2018

Happy Mother’s Day!


Mothers are awesome! They are God’s partner in bringing human life to this world. In fact they are kind of like Him in that they actually create a human being! I don’t think it took God nine months to create Adam and Eve but still…to be able to create a baby and then bring her/him into this world is an amazing thing! Without mothers we would all be….. well….not here.

They give us birth; they love us from the moment they know they are pregnant with us.  And, even after the pain we cause them byimagesour birth process they love us even more; they suckle and nurture us as babes: kissed and hugged us a lot as we toddled around; when we fell and got owies they made our hurts all better; they cared for us and worried about us all through childhood and on into ….well they never stop doing that do they? The good ones never give up on us even though we are sometimes real stinkers and not very thoughtful or nice. They love us any way and they worry about us no matter our age. I am 61 years old and I know my 87 year old mother still prays for me. I thank her for that.

Mothers are awesome! I am especially impressed with single moms! They are some kind of super being! To be able to juggle parenting, day care, a job etc all at the same time and all by themselves is remarkable. Hard. Yet they do it! Parenting is hard enough with both father and mother but being a single mom …boy oh man that takes strength! I so admire all single moms!

Sadly some mothers leave something to be desired. They can be helicopter moms, always hovering over their kids and not letting them learn to be independent. Watching or controlling everything they can. Some are overly protective creating fear or insecurity in their children. Some just won’t cut the apron strings which can create a “momma’s boy” or dependant adults who are always angry at their parents and want little to do with them.

Thank goodness the vast majority of mothers are really good people and they create awesome, happy children who grow up to be awesome, happy adults! I want to honor ALL mothers this Mother’s Day because, at a minimum, they gave us life. At a maximum they gave us the love, direction and compassion needed to help us create a life of our own and eventually children of our own. And the cycle of life continues.

I repeat, mothers are awesome!  So on May 8th let’s all do something to show them we love them!

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