Monday, June 25th, 2018

Here’s Your Valentine Gift – I APPRECIATE YOU!



But first – I want to wish you a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!

I love the month of February for two reasons:

First, it’s the month where we get to give cute cards and gifts to our spouses children and sweethearts to show our love for them.

And, second, it’s the month my wife, Marci was born and I celebrate her birthday!

She is the light of my life & my special Valentine.

YOU are important to me too.

I’m pleased to associate with you and I hope that I’ve helped you along life’s journey with my books, CDs, tele-seminars, webinars etc.

As my Valentines gift to you I want to offer you an AMAZING FRE.EE DVD “The Power of Core Desires”!

It’s a $20,000 seminar packed with Success Principles I shared with a large international group in Cancun, Mexico who each paid $15,000 to attend!

This 1 ½ hour presentation is changing lives around the globe!

In a hype filled industry full of promises of an oasis that turns out to be a mirage, worn out techniques, rehashed tips, and a whole lotta money wasting garbage… this DVD provides simple, truthful, step-by-step blueprint for SUCCESS IN LIFE. It has been used for centuries!

It does not fail!

And I am GIVING IT TO YOU for Valentines Day!

This video shatters conventional self-help theories and techniques that well-meaning self-help guru’s and motivational speakers have been teaching for the past 75 years.

More than 25 years have gone into the research and discovery of what it takes in life to be 100% successful in all areas of your life and perform at the highest levels possible…and YOU can benefit–tremendously!

What you will discover will change your life forever…

Imagine what it would be like if you could be at your best in every area of your life.

Your relationships… your finances… your business… your work… your family… your hobbies… your passions…

On my DVD “The Power of Core Desires”, I reveal the shortest way possible for you to achieve personal and professional success without doing all the stuff that most self-help gurus teach.

What better day to share this with you than a day focused on your hearts Core Desires!

What You Will Learn From Watching This 94 minute gift:

  • You’ll discover a proven system that guarantees your success.
  • Discover the short-cut to success; this is so simple it’s crazy!
  • You’ll see individuals on stage with me as I teach them simple success principles.
  • How to begin the journey to success immediately.

… And many, many more real life-tested success concepts straight from myself, the most trusted and successful master teacher/trainer in the field of personal growth.

Receive access to this gift ($197 Value) simply for being someone I VALUE and care about on Valentines Day!

I’m very glad to share these new and unique and life changing success principles with you!

As a “Mentor to Millions” it is my desire to have 200 Million lives changed by implementing my principles by the year 2020. You can be one of them.

These are the processes that changed my life from a person with no self-esteem, no formal education and certainly no money into a successful entrepreneur, big money earner, and highly sought after speaker/trainer
all over the world! I am living proof that they work!

Claim your free Valentines Day gift today and you will grow to new levels of success this New Year!

Warm Regards,
Jack Zufelt
“Mentor to Millions”

PS- Identifying your CORE DESIRES, automatically unleashes the Conquering Force within you causing you to be able to overcome ALL obstacles thus creating maximum success.

Get started right now at:

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