Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

History’s Best Kept Secret


Change and “Be a part of the Change” was the primary

message in the recent presidential campaigns here in

the US.

And change is needed! The reason change is the theme

these days is that we all want or need things to be

different, better in our lives.

With the New Year and the recent inauguration

speech many people are asking questions…..

History's Best Kept Secret

History's Best Kept Secret

*What does 2009 hold for me?

*How can I be more independent & successful?

* How can I provide for my family better?

*How can keep the economy from affecting my family


*How can I be “apart of the change” when I can’t

change myself or my circumstances?

Perhaps you’ve made New Year’s Resolutions? Hmmm.

Have you noticed that most don’t happen?

New years resolutions are made to be ________.

Why does everyone know what goes in the blank?

It’s because everyone knows they are a joke. They

don’t work!

They have experienced it themselves as broken

resolutions continue to happen year after year.

I promise – In fact I guarantee THERE IS A WAY TO HAVE

LASTING CHANGE! Do you want or need that kind of

change in your life?



If you’re tired of setting goals you don’t meet and

want to discover how to create long term results,

then my “CORE DESIRES” Package is your answer:

I have achieved everything that is important in my

life and work without the techniques of affirmations,

visualization exercises and goal setting.

There is a better, simpler way!

I never wrote down that I would be a

professional speaker or the author of a book.

BUT I ACHIEVED THEM ALL! And so can you!

I was bullied by peers and teachers alike during my

schooling. I left high school I was convinced that I

was both dumb and a loser.

My self-esteem was nonexistent.

When I was 19, my boss at the dairy really liked me,

and he offered me the chance to work at his karate

studio as the manager.

He offered me a salary and told me that he would teach

me how to do the job. He would also teach me all the

karate I wanted to learn – for free!

I didn’t even have to think about it. I just said


I threw my heart and soul into karate. For 8 years, it

was basically all I did.

I had an intense Core Desire to defend myself and to

regain my self-esteem. No one would ever be able to

hurt me again, and I wasn’t going to be a coward anymore!

My Core Desire was so powerful that I achieved many of

the fighting skills of a black belt. Because I was

driven from within to learn to fight, I became very good,

and I was taught by some of the nation’s top fighters.


I was injured many times – but still I persevered. Did

I love the pain? No! But because this was a genuine

Core Desire, I never quit.

This is the awesome, never-quit attitude

that Core Desires bring with them. You can plug into

yours immediately and make 2009 one of your best

years ever!

I have an entire CORE DESIRES package ready and

waiting for you! Waiting to give you the key to

unlocking what has been holding you back from truly

changing, truly achieving at greater and greater


I had no talent, no self-esteem, and no athletic

prowess and certainly did not have any money that

would suggest I could do what I did or become what

I have become, but I did.

How can that be?

Without understanding it at the time, I had

tapped into the energy and passion of Core Desires

which caused me to be able to not let my past determine

my future.

To help kick off the New Year right, I’ve prepared a

special offer just for my community that offers my

“Core Desires package” at an incredible discounted


That means for the next few days you save over

40% off its regular price and get started on the road

to making 2009 a banner year in new direction, change

and success!

Launch YOUR New Year with this new understanding of

what it really takes to be successful and you will be

amazed at how much happiness and success will be yours

in the year 2009 –>

To your Success!

Jack Zufelt “Mentor to Millions”

P.S. I’ve got BIG plans for you for 2009! They

include ways to help mentor you in to living

successfully in ALL areas of your life!

Tips on success, how to make more sales AND MORE!

But what will you do with that priceless information?

That all depends on WHY you’re doing any of it in the

first place. And that all depends on your CORE


PPS-Without identifying your CORE DESIRES, you will

never know what success could be for you!

Based on my personal experience and the experience

of the 1,000s who I have helped what is in store for

you can be big and so fulfilling you will wish you had

know this years ago!

Get started right now at:

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  1. Troy Fischer says:

    Thanks for the tips. Good points to be thinking about!

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