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Is Listening to Miss Manners Important When it Comes to Your Success?


I don’t think anyone will argue that it is an exciting time to be in business today. We’ve entered an era where the small business person can truly compete with the large corporations on every level.

In fact, many people are so burned out and tired of these faceless entities that you are actually one step ahead of them!

How many times have you found yourself waiting on hold to talk to a machine, frustrated at getting multiple e-mails from a Do-Not-Reply address, unhappy in dealings with customer service representatives who don’t seem to care about you OR the company they’re working for?

In starting your own business, you are probably full of questions on how you can make your business survive and even succeed. Many people begin with a focus on getting clients first, before anything else, by doing all kinds of marketing and promotion to attract customers.

But, if you’re forgetting to think about what Miss Manners would do and forgetting your business etiquette, you’ll want to take a step back and remember – this is the way you compete with the big guys – by showing how much you actually do care!

Is Listening to Miss Manners Important When it Comes to Your Success?

Is Listening to Miss Manners Important When it Comes to Your Success?

The way you conduct your business and marketing efforts should always be infused with mannerly, caring concern for your customers and clients – both wanting to sell your product and service, but always out of first concern for the people who will be buying from you.

As an entrepreneur, it can be difficult when you feel a desperation to sell, or you’re under the impression of old, in-your-face marketing models. Always remember that you need to establish yourself as a professional with a consistently good, reputable manner in order to gain the trust of your customers.

It may bring clients in a little bit more slowly than a lot of glitter and glitz, but truly caring and delivering on your promises are what is going to bring people back again and again, and it won’t take long before the recommendations begin rolling in.

It’s both unfortunate and good (for conscientious business owners) at the same time that truly good service actually surprises people these days. It is absolutely the best way to get yourself noticed when it comes to having a successful business. As you consider your own ‘Miss Manners‘ business philosophy, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Physical image is important. As an entrepreneur you must be conscious of how you dress. When you’re in a business situation, being able to dress for success really allows you to exude confidence and control so that people can easily trust you. It can even give you an authority that people respond to positively.
  • Another great way to become known and establish a reputation is to go out there and get noticed. Socializing at business events and local happenings can do a great deal of good for you. As always, remember your manners. Know when it is right to give your business card. Avoid drinking too much. Learn the right topics to talk about – for instance, it can be best not to talk about politics or religion in your opening conversations, especially if you do not know the person’s stand and beliefs. You might casually offend someone without even noticing it.
  • Be a good listener. As a new business owner, you may naturally have the tendency to talk about nothing else but your business to everyone you meet. It’s important to take care about this to avoid looking obnoxious and arrogant. People are more attracted to those who are willing to listen rather than someone who is full of himself or herself.
  • It is important to show respect at all times – respect people’s personal space and show consideration and care always.

In truth, there are endless tips you can follow when it comes to having good manners as a path to business success – in social networking, customer service, sales, partnerships, e-mail promotions, what have you.

In the end, it always comes back to the simple rule – Do unto others as you would have done unto you. When you consistently follow this rule in business, you’ll find the path to success full of potential clients and customers beating on your door!

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