Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

The Joel Comm Show


Joel Comm is THE internet guru’s guru!

Joel Comm

Joel Comm

He and I met at a JV Alert put on by Ken McArthur here in Denver.
I was blown away at Joel’s presentation to the audience! It was, by far the best one there.

If you EVER get a chance to hear Joel speak do it!

He sought me out at that event because he wanted to take his speaking ability to the next level and he knew I was the guy to help him do that.

He wants to speak on other things besides just internet business  concepts. Things that will bless people in all areas of their lives. Since that is what I do he knew I was the one to show the shortest route to get there.

We have become great friends and I know he will soon be taking his message on principles of success and happiness to the world. Within two weeks of meeting me he wanted to interview me on his radio show.

We made that happen so I trust that you will enjoy it.

Here is the link to that 28 minute interview: Enjoy!


3 Responses to “The Joel Comm Show”
  1. If you EVER get a chance to hear Joel speak do it!

  2. I first heard of Joel Comm about the same time that I got involved with Twitter. Since that time, I’ve also seen him promoted heavily in the internet marketing community, but never really got to see what he was about until Twitter Power started gaining in popularity.

  3. I found Joel Comm when I was reading his first bestseller, The Adsense Code. The book really gave me insight there. What I learned from Joel that is we have to take Adsense business seriously, then he explained how to blend the ads and put the ad in properly to improve CTR.

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