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Joint Ventures Equal Business Growth


It is always a pleasure for me to be a source for success principles that people can look to for help in making things happen in their lives. I recently had the privilege of being on a panel of experts at a JV Alert conference here in Denver. The event was put on by Ken McArthur an incredible businessman who brings some of the top speakers and trainers in the world on success and internet marketing together in one room.

The information shared by all these experts was phenomenal! The knowledge and proficiency of the presenters and members of the Expert Panel was impressive and perfect for what the attendees were seeking. I was pleased to

Joint Ventures Equal Business Growth
Joint Ventures Equal Business Growth

offer the benefit of my vast experience in business along with the principles of success that I know affect all areas of our lives including making money and business. People came away from that experience with a clear understanding of what they needed to do to take their business venture to the next level or clear into the stratosphere!

The concept of finding someone (a Joint Venture partner) who knows how to do what you don’t know how to do, is very smart. That was one of the possible benefits for attendees. They came with the hope that they would meet people who they could JV with to help get their businesses further down the road.

I know that people were able to form JVs with some of the experts that presented there and some even created JV with other attendees. That was what that event was all about.

It was fun to meet so many entrepreneurs who were there seeking ways to be more successful in their business. The attitude of someone who is, or wants to be, their own boss and run their own show, is very different than someone who is happy at a job. Entrepreneurs are driven from within to make things happen, be creative, take risks and think out of the proverbial box. I love helping anyone in any area of life I have expertise in which is why my book, The DNA of Success, is so successful, but talking business with business minded people adds a flavor that is delicious.

Perhaps YOU should consider doing one or more Joint Ventures too. A qualified JV partner can cause your business to take a dramatic leap forward because that person brings to the table wisdom, knowledge, strengths and experience that you don’t have.

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26 Responses to “Joint Ventures Equal Business Growth”
  1. Joint ventures are especially popular with businesses in the transport and travel industries that operate in different countries.

  2. Joint ventures may involve companies in one or more countries. International joint ventures in particular are becoming more popular, especially in capital-intensive industries such as oil and gas exploration, mineral extraction, and metals processing. The basic reason is simple: to save money.

  3. Partnering with another business can be complex. It takes time and effort to build the right relationship.

  4. Embarking on a Joint Venture can represent a significant reconstruction to your business. However favourable it may be to your potential for growth, it needs to fit with your overall business strategy.

  5. The blunt, no holds barred pros and cons on what works and what you should look out for!

  6. It’s important to review your business strategy before committing to a joint venture. This should help you define what you can sensibly expect. In fact, you might decide there are better ways to achieve your business aims.

  7. Carlos says:

    As there are good business and accounting reasons to create a joint venture (JV) with a company that has complementary capabilities and resources, such as distribution channels, technology, or finance, joint ventures are becoming an increasingly common way for companies to form strategic alliances.

  8. Bram says:

    Before moving forward, determine and explain why you wish to enter into a joint venture, why you have chosen your partner(s), and what you hope to achieve. Define involvement (managerial, capital, etc) of the parent companies and how long the JV will last. Put in place strategies to define governance, accountability, decision-making process, and conflict- and issue-resolution procedures. Ensure buy-in and participation at the highest level. Consider outcomes: what could cause you to terminate the joint venture, and what is the preferred exit strategy.

  9. Joseph says:

    Shared Profits, Losses, Management, and Control. The JV participants share in the specific and identifiable financial and intangible profits and losses, as well as in certain elements of the management and control of the JV.

  10. Luke Audrey says:

    If an industry has high fixed costs, a JV with a larger company can provide the economies of scale necessary to compete globally and can be an effective way by which two companies can pool resources and achieve critical mass.

  11. Valeria says:

    When a company wants to acquire another but cannot due to cost, size, or geographical restrictions or legal barriers, teaming up with a JVP is an attractive option. The JV is substantially less costly and thus less risky than complete acquisitions, and is sometimes used as a first step to a complete acquisition with the JVP. Such an arrangement allows the purchaser the flexibility to cut its losses if the investment proves less fruitful than anticipated or to acquire the remainder of the company under certain circumstances.

  12. Raymond says:

    A joint venture is a business agreement in which parties agree to develop, for a finite time, a new entity and new assets by contributing equity. They exercise control over the enterprise and consequently share revenues, expenses and assets. There are other types of companies such as JV limited by guarantee, joint ventures limited by guarantee with partners holding shares.

  13. Sam says:

    A joint venture can sometimes seem like more work than it’s worth. However, business owners who think in this manner probably have the wrong mindset to be in business in the first place. A savvy business owner will be constantly looking for ways to improve business placement and revenue, as well as find advantages that set his or her business apart.

  14. Bram says:

    Joint ventures could be taken as mere strategies of opportunistic partners to gain exposure to a new business segment.

  15. Alexandra says:

    In many cases, some companies also use the effort just to poach technical experts and professionals from other companies.

  16. It could take too much effort and time to establish the right and healthy relationship between joint venture partners.

  17. One of the most popular ways to grown your customer base through Joint Venture Marketing is to trade customer list with your partner. A word of warning though, try to stay in the same market. An example would be if you sell computer monitors, find a partner that sells monitor cleaning products. If you are selling computer monitors and your partners sell bubble gum, their list may be of very little use to you and vice versa.

  18. Jacob  says:

    Excessive costs, failure to achieve projected income, or unforeseen capital requirements may make the continuation of a JV unattractive. In addition, a change in the JV’s objectives or those of a shareholder may also lead to the early termination of the JV. Changes in objectives may result from a JVP’s internal strategic redirection, competitive advances, or market changes beyond the control of the JV or its shareholders. Disagreement by JVPs on fundamental management issues may also lead to termination.

  19. Kelly says:

    The objectives of the venture are not totally clear and communicated to everyone involved…the partners have different objectives for the joint venture…

  20. Kelly says:

    A joint venture is a strategic alliance where two or more parties, usually businesses, form a partnership to share markets, intellectual property, assets, knowledge, and, of course, profits.

  21. Diana says:

    Although there are no official statistics on the rate of success of specific strategic alliances, like joint ventures, per se, a few studies have, however, been conducted in this field. Their main findings were that most joint ventures fail about 60% of the time within five years.

  22. Mel Brian says:

    Information sharing will be vital, and it is essential that as early as possible, both teams talk and exchange their knowledge. This entails meetings, steering committees, joint company events, employee “swaps” and internal promotions.

  23. Kelly@seo says:

    Going back to our primary question: what are my chances for success? We know that on average, only about 40% of joint ventures are successful within five years. Since this figure includes partnerships with underdeveloped countries; which have a high rate of failure, we can reasonably state that if you join forces with a company located in a developed area and have done your homework, your probability of success should be closer to 80%.

  24. Partnering with other business involves a bit of trust as well. Do not easily come into the confidence of people easily.

  25. Joint ventures focus on different businesses in many countries. it’s the company growing fast.

  26. Fahad Amir says:

    Every thing has dependent on management.If your management is strong and skilled.Then it easily achieve his goal.
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