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Leprechauns, Luck and Money


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St. Patrick’s Day, Leprechauns, Luck-o-the-Irish and Money in your pocket!  Hi ya lass and laddie! And do ya be warin a bit o’ green taday?

Leprechauns are those mischievous, wispy little magical guys who are famous for two things; mending shoes and pots of gold supposedly hidden at the base of rainbows. The legend goes that if you can capture a leprechaun you get all his gold.
People sent out of their way to set all kinds of traps to try and catch one. But, alas, the sneaky little fellows are very clever and mischievous, not easily fooled so catching one is rare!

They get mad and play tricks on the one who set the trap for leprechaun mischief knows no boundaries! I’ve read where they turn furniture upside down, put rice in your cereal box, turn your milk green and throw your cloths on the floor and lots of other things.

What a fun myth. I remember serving green pancakes and green milk to my children on St. Patrick’s Day. The looks on their faces was priceless. They tasted the same but the green food coloring I used changed the appearance so much they turned their little noses up at them.

Unless you actually catch a Leprechaun and get all that gold, Luck-o-the-Irish is a myth too. In fact, luck in genreal is a myth. Example, many people leave their financial future up to “luck”. Some proof of that are the billions spent every year on lottery tickets…and most is spent by those who don’t have the money to gamble at all. Even people scraping by on welfare use money from the government to by lotto tickets….hoping to get “lucky”.

If you think that luck is the reason people succeed then you have bought into a glaring lie. I’m sure you have heard the statement, “The harder I work the luckier I get”. I’d add this… “The smarter you work the luckier you get”.

Don’t leave your happiness or your income up to catching that leprechaun or “luck”. Learn about and embrace the three things that you need to be successful; The first on is clearly defined Core Desires and the second one is find someone who can show you how to get it…a mentor then do what they tell you to do.  Do those three things in every area of your life and you will be one “lucky” person.

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