Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

Is it Truly Possible to Sustain and Maintain Your Business & Money Success?


Have you ever wondered why some people have long term financial success while other people only seem to reach success for a short period of time?

When it comes to business ventures, I’ve tried them all. I’ve seen what works, and what doesn’t – what will make you money both short-term and long-term. Most of my knowledge on business & money success has come hard won through experience.

Is it Truly Possible to Sustain and Maintain Your Business & Money Success?

You know I’m not a college graduate – the classroom was always difficult for me, and it didn’t happen to be my particular path to success. But the real reason I’ve been able to attain what I have is through knowing my core desires and acting on them, and I’ve applied that in every area of my life.

Some would say that there are three major talents for business & money success – managing, multiplying and maintenance. After making use of the money you already have wisely in order to make more, then the next thing you should do is to make plans to preserve your wealth for your lifetime and beyond that.

I certainly agree that this kind of financial stewardship is important, but in the end, truly maintaining the kind of success you want always comes back to your core desires. It’s why you’ve got to understand:

  • If your core desire is to make money, what’s at the heart of that?
  • If your core desire is to be married, why is that?
  • If your core desire is to be ‘financially free’, what would that mean to you?

One of my own core desires is to have a lot of money, and I’ve done that and will continue to do that. I’m happy to teach you how to do that. But it’s always important to really dig down deep and know the whys behind what you want to access that driving, conquering force that will truly sustain you.

Seeking out core desires is a process – it’s not something that you discover, act on, and then you’re done. This is why it’s so important to have mentors and continual learning in your life when it comes to maintaining your success.

Change is the nature of the world. If you’re remaining stagnant in how you operate, you’ll stay stuck with the same set of talents, wisdom, and output that you currently have. And if that’s not getting you anywhere now, it’s certainly not going to get you anywhere five or ten years down the road!

If you’re continually seeking out new teachers, new learning experiences, new ways to fulfill the core desires you have inside, you’ll maintain all kinds of success! People will look at you and wonder, “Why can’t I do that?

It’s all about having a learner’s heart and mind (whether you have a college degree or not) – continually seeking out the whys behind your desires, the people who can show you how to attain them, and the passion to continually challenge and respond to whatever it is life throws your way.

If you want to learn more about how you can determine your core desires and push back the barriers to business & money success, join me for my upcoming free teleclass on Overcoming Invisible Barriers That Keep You Stuck.


One Response to “Is it Truly Possible to Sustain and Maintain Your Business & Money Success?”
  1. Continuing your education in any form is important way beyond your college or university level. If you stay static, new businesses would be more successful than you but if you keep learning on what’s new in the International market and keep yourself upto the highest standard, you’ll never stay failed for the long term, if the times are tough, they’ll stay for the short term but you’ll see yourself back at the top soon.

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