Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

Manifest Money: How Can You Magnify Your Influence On Others?


There was a time in our country when people of color lived as second class citizens.  They weren’t allowed to sue or be sued, hold property, receive a decent education or even sit where they wanted in a public location.

Look around and tell me . . . have things changed since 1950?  While there are still battles to be won, kids of all races go to school together, hang out in public locations together, grow up, go to college and get jobs together, and buy houses side by side.  Frequently, they marry each other, and not only is the law fine with it, but so are their neighbors.

Manifest Money: How Can You Magnify Your Influence On Others?

Manifest Money: How Can You Magnify Your Influence On Others?

In sixty years, the entire face of race relations in the United States has been completely transformed.  This is thanks to the influence of a few passionate Civil Rights leaders who not only influenced others, but leveraged their influence.

A single leader could change the heart of ten people, and most of them went on to influence others (if only their children).

Can you wield that kind of influence?  My friend, I’m here to tell you, you do wield that kind of influence.  You are either kind to people, or you’re unkind.  You either teach your children, or you fail to teach them.  You either create an atmosphere of positive accomplishment among your support network (including your family and friends) or you create one of stress and negativity.

  • If you have a support team, look at things from their perspective. They don’t share the risk with you, and won’t react with the same “life or death” intensity to crisis or deadlines. They also don’t stand to benefit from the rewards.
  • Take the time to know the people around you – their goals, their desires, their loves and fears. Do what you can to support them in their journey, so they’ll be inclined to do the same for you.
  • Never forget that people talk. When you advertise, you may reach 10,000 people in the hopes of influencing 100. But when you connect with your customers, thanks to word of mouth, you may reach 100 and eventually influence 10,000.

This is a broad discussion of what for you is a very specific topic – you pursuing your Core Desires to attain your future success and wealth – to manifest money.  But whether you are investing millions or starting a new career, you have to understand you impact, not only on those you encounter directly, but outward, the way a stone’s influence ripples outward on a pond.

In 5 minutes a day, I can show you how to achieve the success you’ve dreamed of.  Join now and learn how to manifest money now.

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