Monday, June 25th, 2018

Self Actualization: What’s Holding You Back?


You’ve found your Core Desires.  You can feel the power of your Conquering Force surging in your very soul, pushing you forward to your brilliant future of self actualization and success.  So what’s stopping you?

In my last blog, I talked about how you can determine whether Invisible Barriers are holding you back.  Now let’s talk about what those barriers might be:

  • First, the obvious one:  You haven’t yet found your Core Desires, so you’re trying to push yourself into future that you don’t realize you don’t want.
  • You doubt your ability to succeed.  If you’ve spent most of your life trying to achieve goals that you weren’t really born to achieve, you’ve probably tasted your share of failure.  Now that you’re embarking on the right journey, you’ll begin to see successes like you’ve never seen before (punctuated by the inevitable setbacks) and you’ll start to trust your abilities.
  • You’re so relieved/positive/excited to have discovered  your true Core Desires that you expect your path to be clear.  The path won’t be clear.  There are always setbacks and obstacles.  Unleashing your Conquering Force doesn’t eliminate challenges; it just gives you the power to get through them.
  • You’re in too much of a hurry to do your research.  You’ve heard me use this phrase before:  due diligence.  It means giving a task the amount of time, money or energy that it deserves, considering what’s at stake.  This is your life we’re talking about, here.  Does that give some indication of how much due diligence your preparation deserves?
  • Your pride prevents you from risking mistakes (because you’ll look bad) or from learning from them (because you don’t want to admit that you’re wrong).    There is a certain amount of exposure when you throw yourself into a new direction.  People will notice.  They may comment.  Some may even criticize.  Are you pursuing your Core Desire?  Yes?  Then turn your eyes forward and keep striding  toward self actualization.

You don’t know how many years you have on this earth, but you know for sure that they are limited.  You’ll either put them to good use or look back on them with bitter regret.  It’s such an old, hackneyed phrase, but you really do have to Go For It! Find your Core Desires.  Flip the switch on your Conquering Force.  Go over, around, under or through every obstacle, including Invisible Barriers.  Make your time count.

Are you ready to reach the kind of self actualization that comes with discovering your Core Desires and igniting your Conquering Force?  Let me help you overcome your Invisible Barriers and hit the “Jack”-pot of success like you’ve only dreamed of!


One Response to “Self Actualization: What’s Holding You Back?”
  1. vansci123 says:

    It means giving a task the amount of time, money or energy that it deserves, considering what’s at stake.

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