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Seven Words to Change Your Life: Are You Waiting For Someone To Figure Out What You Want?


Seven Words to Change Your Life: Are You Waiting For Someone To Figure Out What You Want?

Seven Words to Change Your Life: Are You Waiting For Someone To Figure Out What You Want?

Her pride was also a liability, though, because it prevented her from asking for the help she needed.  She took a full-time job in an office, but she also signed on with a network marketing company to sell household products, with the intent of building that into a full-time business.  She liked the products and enjoyed selling them, but when it came to taking the next step in the company, she faltered.

“I know I need to sign people,” she said.  “In fact, I know some people who would do really great at this, and it would help them out.  They already use the products and they love them.”

So why hadn’t she signed anyone?

“I just can’t say it.  I can’t get the words out.”

We’re working our way through the Seven Words To Change Your Life right now, and the word for today is “Ask.”   Your friends and family may love you, and your colleagues may respect you, but that doesn’t mean they can intuitively sense what you need.  They have their own concerns and pursuits, and they can’t read your mind.

Most people aren’t shocked or horrified when someone asks them for something; they simply respond with a “yes” or “no.”  But many of those same people can’t get a request past their own lips.  How can you let go of this  aversion and get the words out?

  • First, don’t fall prey to assumptions, even about yourself. Sit down and take the time to define exactly what your needs are.
  • Once you know what you want, figure out how to express it precisely, so there’s no room for confusion or error. Practice if you need to, or write the words out.
  • Be prepared to feel uncomfortable if you aren’t accustomed to making requests. It isn’t selfish or wrong to have needs or express them; it is the nature of humans to function as a inter-dependant community.
  • Be ready to put your pride in neutral. Asking for candid feedback won’t help you unless you’re open to it. Directions won’t help you if you don’t take them. You can’t ask for solutions without exposing your problems.

Asking didn’t come easily to Marian, but her fierce determination drove her forward.  “I started with my sister.  I mean, it should have been simple.  We used to take naps together, for pete’s sake.  I figured out what I was going to ask for – could she host one party.  I had to practice saying it, and then I braced myself for her reaction.  I mean, she wasn’t going to hate me for asking or anything.  It was so hard!”

She was shocked to discover that her sister was actually a little hurt that she hadn’t asked before.  The sister hosted the party, and soon signed on with the company.  Buoyed by her success, Marian was soon able to build a successful business.  She quit her job and enjoyed the benefits of having a flexible schedule and passive income.

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3 Responses to “Seven Words to Change Your Life: Are You Waiting For Someone To Figure Out What You Want?”
  1. Putting your pride in neutral is paramount! I had to learn that asking for help is not a weakness it is a strength!

  2. Asking for help doesn’t mean you’re weak. It simple means that you are working hard and needed help to really succeed. Much like asking help with people with experience is working to get the right information.

  3. You’re right with number 1. You can’t ever get what you want if you don’t sit down to figure out what it is first.

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