Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

Seven Words to Change Your Life: Can Learning to Trust Lead You to Abundance and Prosperity?


“I’ve had some bad experiences with trust at work,”  Jim wrote.  “At my last job, my boss didn’t trust anyone, and it showed.  He was completely disorganized, but he blamed me when he lost his paperwork.  He tried to micromanage everything, and he was always spying on me and the other employees.  I’d turn around from my computer and he’d be reading over my shoulder.  He actually went through people’s desks a couple of time.  He was always talking about honesty – how it was dishonest to get paid for a full day’s work without giving it – but he made all kinds of promises he never kept.”

Seven Words to Change Your Life: Can Learning to Trust Lead You to Abundance and Prosperity?

As an employer, should you trust your employees?  As an employee, should you trust your employer?  Can you trust your mentor?  Your doctor?  Your spouse?

“Trust” is one of the Seven Words that Can Change Your Life.  To get anything done, you have to take a chance on people . . . including yourself.

Trust —   Trust your mentors, your instructors, your spouse, doctor, boss.  Trust yourself:

Do you trust . . .

  • Your ability to learn?
  • That if you take action, you actually can change things?
  • That most people care?
  • That your research is reliable?

Earn the trust of the people in your life, and never break that trust.   Give your trust to others, and, yes, I mean give it before it’s earned.  When you hold back your trust, you usually create self-fulfilling prophesies.    For example, employers who spy on their employees create such an atmosphere of distrust and hostility that the employees feel no sense of loyalty or shared goals.  On the other hand, the U.S. Department of Labor reports that although the workplace is inundated with information technology, workers aren’t so busy updating their Facebook status that they fail to work.  On the contrary, in spite of what Human Resources departments everywhere would predict, productivity keeps rising.

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3 Responses to “Seven Words to Change Your Life: Can Learning to Trust Lead You to Abundance and Prosperity?”
  1. Walter says:

    Most of the time we take the gamble of trusting someone we don’t really know. It’s just how it goes in life. However, we must learn to develop our keen judgment. :-)

  2. Aeon PI PHLO says:

    What are the other 6 words? I have had to learn to trust myself first. Then I can more easily trust others
    .-= Aeon PI PHLO´s last blog ..The Weather Doctor’s Diary: Dates for Solstices and Equinox =-.

  3. tommy says:

    that kind of boss really going to bankrupt
    just fire your boss!

    if your boss cannot trust other people then he already decide his black future.
    .-= tommy´s last blog ..Quick Repair For Leaking Pipes =-.

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