Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

Seven Words to Change Your Life: Can The Truth Set You Free?


The celebrity had two choices.  He could either (A) pay the blackmailer or (B) allow the blackmailer to come forward with the evidence, destroying his family, his reputation and his career.  He felt frightened and vulnerable.

Seven Words to Change Your Life: Can The Truth Set You Free?

Seven Words to Change Your Life: Can The Truth Set You Free?

Remember the discussion of choices in my last blog?    Given two choices, A and B, the celebrity chose C.   He pre-empted the blackmailer by admitting his mistakes in the most public forum possible and took the whole situation to the police.  The blackmailer, as I write this, is sitting in jail.

Granted, the celebrity still has the consequences of his mistakes, but he’s not longer imprisoned by the fear of being exposed.  He can meet reality in the face and deal with it directly.  The truth, very simply, set him free.

“Truth” is one of the seven words that can change your life.  Knowing our shortcomings and failings means having to feel uncomfortable and having to decide whether to address them.  To avoid this discomfort, we tend to view ourselves through rose-colored glasses.   But to institute real change in your life, you need to be willing to live in reality.

  • Don’t rationalize. If the situation is bad, say it’s bad. If you made a mistake, admit it. If you’re unhappy, face it, so you can change your life.
  • Don’t make excuses. In the corporate world, you live by these initials: CYA. But to change your life, you don’t cover yourself to dodge problems – you fix the problems.
  • Have at least one friend or mentor who will hold you accountable for honesty and honest effort.

You live in a certain construct of beliefs.  When you’re confronted with facts that disprove those beliefs, you experience something the psychologists call Cognitive Dissonance (knowing two opposing facts for sure).  The human response to Cognitive Dissonance is to make the mind comfortable as quickly as possible, usually by discounting the new facts.   Living in reality – knowing the truth – means staying uncomfortable long enough to find the real facts, and then adjusting your construct to reflect those facts.

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  1. This is really an interesting post on the celebrities life and his thinking. I have read your full article and really enjoyed it. Keep it up and share your valuable information.

  2. Really very informative article.I learn a lot from it.Thanks for posting it.

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