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This is the month for Thanksgiving and I love it! Let’s be thank FULL for our abundant lives. And we can be grateful for the things we perceive as bad. Is that possible? Can we really say thank you for that bad thing that happened today or the challenges and problems in our lives? Can we honestly be thankful when we got the short end of the deal? Or worse yet we got hurt? Yes we can!

The Bible says we should be thankful in ALL things so it must be possible and there must be value in doing that! Though it doesn’t make it any easier it does give us a happier, healthier outlook on life! Besides, who’s to say what is good and what is bad?

Here is a parable to help us understand why it is wise to be thankful in ALL things, good and not so good at the time…no matter what.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

An old man lived in the country with his family. One night their only mare broke out of her stable and ran away into the hills. The neighbors consoled the old man and this family, “What bad luck that you only horse has run away.” To that the old man, in his wisdom, replied, “Who’s to say what is good and what is bad?”

A few days later, the mare returned bringing with her five stallions. The neighbors came again, this time celebrating, “What good fortune! How lucky you are!” the old man replied, “Who’s to say what is good and what is bad?”

Within a few weeks the eldest son of the family was breaking one of the stallions when he was thrown off and seriously injured….a badly broken leg. The neighbors came once again and said, “What misfortune. Here it is the beginning of the planting season and you’ve lost the help of your eldest son.” To that old man replied, Good luck bad luck, who’s to know?

A short time later the army came through the country side looking to all able-bodied young men to draft into the army. When they learned of the injured son they passed on by the home of this family. The neighbors, in their fickle minded way returned once more, “What good fortune that your son does not have to go to war.” The man in his wisdom replied, “Who’s to say what is good and what is bad?”

The moral of this story is that we can’t always see the good that will come from what we think of as “bad” any more than we can see the crop from the seed we plant or the rainbow before the storm passes.

This month especially, let’s keep our eyes open wide so they can see all the great blessings and things we have to be thankful for. At the same time let’s keep our minds and hearts open to the goodness that will yet come and be thank FULL for this life’s experiences for they are all for our personal growth and benefit.


8 Responses to “Thanksgiving”
  1. Malcolm says:

    Hi Jack.

    Knowing what one wants is the first step to achieving it.

    Doing something about what you want is the second step.

    Having produced the product, the vision comes to life.

    Now this is where we meet all the troubles in life, when the product is for the benefit for every road user, by improving conditions, standards, behavior, attention and concentration.

    Creating a superior service and millions of jobs, as well as saving BILLIONS of pounds from the
    energy consumption, these tasks are put before people who are responsible to the taxpayers,
    but they do not give a damn, as long as we keep paying them to do nothing, it will remain the same, using old methods, refusing change for the better, and at less cost to us all.

    So I will plant some seeds of my ideas, if they are planted in the soil of love and truth they will grow.

  2. Great reminder of receiving each day as a gift from God, knowing however it turns out, He is in control.

    Thank you for your words of encouragement Jack. Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

    Hugs in Him… Linda

  3. HI love the messageto all many blessing sfrom bRISBANE aUSTRALIA yes we are all very blessed to be hear i thank my God every day for being born send out love and healing to those passed on and the families that stay for we here are the ones left alone lost sadened broken hearted reminded me so much for those miners families in New Zealand this past week God bless them all yes I am sadneed for i fel that wiht them always did and always shall that has been my journey i am not complaining only sometimes get totally overwhelmed by all then need to renew myself ocean or forrest for there is peace passion of life and calm Once again than you for the love and joy of your beauty and blessing sma yall love journey around our world united in peace .. AMEN BLESSINGS TO YOU TOODAY FOR THANK YOU,

  4. Great article! Yes, I’m glad that the Bible says to be thankful IN ALL things and that is different from
    FOR all things.
    We have a question in regard to Max Steingard’s lead program; have they proven to be successful?
    We have in the past used some “lead programs” with very little success, but great expense”
    Thanks for your input.
    Viola Toews
    P.S. You’re CD’s are awesome…… much good advice!

  5. latha says:

    a wonderful story, thanks jack.

  6. Thanksgiving is the time to feel gratitude to God for all the good things in life. It is a time to acknowledge the good deeds of fellowmen and be thankful. Thanksgiving thoughts of people give us an insight as to what people feel about it.

  7. Thanksgiving thoughts are the kind of thoughts that we should have all year long. For it is the folks with thankful hearts whose lives are filled with song. We should take time for kindness to those we hold most dear,and just extend a helping hand to others through the year. Let’s set aside some quiet time and share it with a friend. For friendships brings a special joy and pleasure without end. So may the blessings of this day that I would ask for you, now fill you with Thanksgiving Peace that lasts the whole year through!

  8. harrymartin says:

    looking forward to your mentoring again.

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