Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

The Power of Instant Gratification


Today I want to talk about instant gratification. Which, believe it or not, can be critical to your success.

Let me illustrate this point with a story…

We bought, rebuilt and refinished an old 105 year old upright piano.

We had to remove ugly yellow paint someone had covered it with.

The power of instant gratification

The power of instant gratification

Then we found it had an ebony black finish that was near impossible to remove. Once it was stripped down to the beautiful wood and stained it was a beautiful piece of furniture.

The only problem was it lacked a piano bench. We searched high and low for one that would match this antique but no luck. So my wife decided she’d have to make one.

She didn’t know the first thing about woodworking.

But she really wanted a matching bench that with the same patina and carving on the legs that would reflect the piano’s same period styling.

She even wanted the same rich patina which would be next to impossible because the piano was so old.

So she signed up for a woodworking course at a local technical college. She learned how to use power saws, joiners, routers, drills and wood lathes.

She learned all about dowels, glues, carving and wood finishes.

Within a period of six weeks, a piano bench was born.

She created it from rough pieces of wood. It became a beautiful part of the furniture.

By choosing just the right wood and finish, it matched the piano perfectly.  The leg styling was an artful interpretation of those gracing the old piano.

With the help of her instructor help she did something wonderful. He was her mentor.
The day she started to work on the bench, her gratification was instantaneous, because she was doing what she wanted.

She really enjoyed the whole process.  She didn’t say I hate to go down to the shop. I hate doing this…I hate doing that.

This isn’t any fun, but I want a piano bench so I guess I’ll have to do it.” She didn’t hate the journey.

Rather, she just said, “I want a piano bench and I’m going to make it.”

That was a Core Desire so she drove to the shop and learned how to do what was needed. She was excited and could hardly wait to get there and find out what she didn’t know. And
when the lathes started turning, she watched the piano bench legs begin to take shape. During those moments, she was receiving gratification.
She enjoyed nearly every minute. The final product was a few weeks away. She couldn’t sit on it yet but there was gratification along the way. When you pursue Core Desires, you’ll be gaining instant gratification every step of the way because you are working on and towards a final end result you really want i.e. a Core Desire.

There were things she didn’t like about the bench making process. She didn’t enjoy the time she hurt her hand or all the dirt and dark stains under her nails from the wood finish.

She even ruined two legs and had to start over but that failure didn’t stop her because it was a Core Desire and that automatically kept her motivated.

You will make mistakes while learning. Expect them and move on when they happen. Thousands of hours were spent sitting on that beautiful piano bench as music lessons were practiced.

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