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The Power That Matters For Success Is In Your Heart?


Marilyn Carlson Nelson, CEO of the Carlson Companies, said,

“You may see me as a woman who has power – the leader of a large company. But the power that matters is the power in my heart.

It doesn’t matter if you are trying to make a deal that makes a huge difference, or trying to fix a problem within a company. Ultimately, you have to have faith in yourself.

You have to have a sense that you will be personally accountable and do everything in your power to influence this world and make a difference.

And, you have to know that there’s a limit to what you can do and a place where only God can make a difference. If you get that right, you will be successful.

Don’t let anyone tell you that success has to do with money or power. Success has to do with living on your terms, and ultimately to make a difference.

To live your days in such a way that if the time comes where you face some kind of illness, or if something happens that changes your path and shortens your days, that you can say, ‘Okay. If today is my last, I’m prepared.”

What did people do to accomplish great things and achieve the results they wanted before the success and personal development movement started in the 1900s?

The Power That Matters For Success Is In Your Heart?

The Power That Matters For Success Is In Your Heart?

I have asked many people how many self-help books they own. One lady I talked to in Australia had over 1500 self-help books! When I asked her if they worked, she told me, “No”, and she was still looking for the “secret to success”.

Self-help books are full of techniques that promise you the world and more, yet 95% or more of the people who read them never experience the results they are promised and expect.

If you “magically” fall into that 5% crowd, that’s great for you! But what is it that makes the 5% successful?

Well, unknown to them, they were able to naturally tap into and unleash their Conquering Force.

So what about those Motivational Speakers?

Again, I’ve asked people, “How long do you stay motivated after listening to a motivational speaker?”
These are people that have listened to some of the best in the business, mind you!

The response is always the same – “2 days”, “2 weeks”, “until I got out of the parking lot!”

Sadly, motivational speakers and self-help books have no lasting effect.

When you think about someone like Marilyn Carlson Nelson of the Carlson Companies and what she has to say about her success, you can see that it was NOT the technique, but the drive from within that drove her (and others like her) to do, and become, what was needed to get the desired result.

When you become aware of the root of achievement, every door you wish to go through will open wide. It truly is the key to success.

Whether you use it to open the door or not is your choice, something you have total control over. Whether you choose to open the door or not depends solely on your heart-set, not your mind-set.

A mind-set is a fixed mental attitude formed by experience, education, and tradition. A mind-set is not the reason you succeed.

In fact, it is often the reason you fail. The things you have your mind set on are often either expediencies and emergencies or idle reveries, so your prevailing mind-set lacks the power to sustain effort over time toward the kinds of lifetime achievements that bring real fulfillment.

There simply isn’t enough passion and emotional power behind a mind-set to clear the pull of habitual “gravity” and launch you into orbit.

Core Desires create emotions that originate from your heart. These are the emotions of intrinsic motivation, the power within.

I refer to this as your heart-set-or simply what your heart is set on having, being, seeing, feeling, achieving, and experiencing.

Your heart-set is a much more accurate guide and source of success than your mind-set.

Put away those self-help books, and begin to follow your heart. Only then will you be on the path to truly achieving what you desire.

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5 Responses to “The Power That Matters For Success Is In Your Heart?”
  1. irenefk says:

    wow, are you saying that all the time I have spent trying to figure out to be more successful, more patient, more of a loving person that I need to throw that all away and go from the heart.?

    How do I truly go straight from my heart to earning on? you mean the studies of the Law of Attraction and all of that is hum-bug?

    questions for sure here…..

  2. So true. Ultimately if you’re not true to yourself you’ll always be disappointed with where you end up. All those self help books and motivational speakers do is sell you a temporary feeling of control, but often people are looking for the wrong kind of success.

  3. yohanes says:

    I would love to see any information about law of attraction. Do you have any? thanks.

  4. i love to read self-help books on the internet. they can really improve your life.~`~

  5. everyone likes to be able to do some Self-Help stuffs, it is a good idea to be able to help yourself with just about any proble”“

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