Monday, June 25th, 2018

Transit Security Administration Naked Body Scans?


Naked Body Scans? Unwanted Groping Of Breasts and Sex Organs? Sounds like something out of an X rated Sci Fi movie. But it’s not! These are happening at airports all around the country! Right now!

Full body scans and viewing of our naked bodies is not acceptable. Worse yet, is the “enhanced, full body pat down” where your whole body┬áis firmly felt up by a stranger. Including children!

Transit Security Administration Naked Body Scans

Transit Security Administration Naked Body Scans

I am not talking about a “frisking” policemen do they are arresting someone. I am talking about rubbing their hands over every inch of your body including your breasts and genitals. If anybody were to do that in any other setting it would be called sexual assault and the perpetrator would be arrested and sent to jail!

But not if it is the TSA at an airport! They are like the SS (Schutzstaffel) in Germany or the Gestapo. They don’t care that we hate the idea of us or our children being inappropriately touched or viewed naked by strangers. They have decided that they can do anything to us that they want regardless of how we feel about it. The justification is that by feeling everyone up and looking at their naked bodies they may avert someone smuggling an explosive onto a plane.

There is huge doubt that these invasive actions will do anything to increase safety. I say no.

Benjamin Franklin agrees. He said, “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” I totally agree with that perspective! The TSA is carrying the concern way to far.

The huge controversy about the new TSA rules have lit up a firestorm around America. Why is that? Because we don’t like what they are doing to us and we are speaking up! Loudly! They have taken away our freedom to say “NO” about something very personal and private.

What freedoms are you willing to give up to Big Brother AKA big government? Shall we let them fondle our bodies at their discretion? How about just look at our bodies naked? All in the name of safety for the flights people are all getting on. I say no. Find another way or let us take the risk.

Where will it stop?

A business associate and a dear friend recently flew from Arizona to Florida. I emailed him and asked: “Did you have to go through the the new body scanner where they see all of you naked? Or did you have to deal with the new enhanced full body pat down search procedures of the TSA?” His answer was:

Yes! As a matter of fact, I did go through that scanner. The machine picked up a piece of paper in my pocket so I was forced to go through the full body pat down. If I were a female getting that pat down, I would have filed a lawsuit! I don’t know how they are going to get away with that level of invasion of privacy and physical contact.”

This month where we celebrate Thanksgiving we all have much to be thankful for. This invasive intrusion into our privacy by one of the enforcement arms of big government is not one of them. I hope enough people protest loudly…not once but continuously until these terrible invasive activities in the name of increased safety, stop.

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