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What Are the Seven Keys of Success?


When you are struggling with a situation and find yourself stuck and not knowing what to do, where to go, or whom to turn to, make use of these Seven Success Keywords to success to help you assess where you need to go.

In every situation, you hold the key to your own happiness. Only you can make things different and better. How fast-or how much-is up to you, but both are controlled by your Core Desires.

What Are the Seven Keys of Success?

What Are the Seven Keys of Success?

These seven words, when used properly, hold the key to finding answers and solutions to every problem, obstacle, or barrier you will encounter. When you are faced with a problem, look at this list to determine what you need to do or be to solve it.

One – Change: There are only two things in life that never change: truth, and the fact that everything else changes.

Even when it is forced on you, change is good. You need constant emotional, spiritual, and intellectual stimulation so you can thrive and grow to become all that is in you to become.

Many people resist making changes because they are in a comfort zone. When they look outside and see all the other joys life has to offer, they say they’d like to have them, but not if it means leaving their comfort zone.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you accepted change and even planned on it? To better view change, you should see it as inevitable. Change should not be feared or resented; it should be seen for what it is-a source of growth.

Two – Choice: Life gives you the opportunity to grow. Whether you grow or not is your choice. You can choose to grow and become a happy, spiritual, and emotional giant or stay small. The choices are always yours, and you always have them.

By cultivating the Success Attitude and asking for help from knowledgeable mentors, you can avoid many of the pitfalls in the sidewalks of life. If you do fall in, you’ll climb out with their aid. Your future is not in the hands of fate, your boss, the stars, or your circumstances – it is in your choices – the choices you make to determine your path and your destination.

When you are faced with a situation in which you are not happy or not getting what you want, ask yourself, “What am I doing to cause this?”

“What do I have to change in me, about me, or around me to make it the way I want it to be?” Most things that happen to you are either a direct or an indirect result of choices you make.

Three – Truth: Only truth properly applied will free you from the bondage that ignorance and limited paradigms create. Few are totally open with all the truth.
When you have truth as your operating system, you’ll stop giving other people or circumstances the power to control your life. You must own the role you play in your circumstances by acknowledging that the truth will free you to make the necessary changes to get what you want.

Four – Trust: For a truly fulfilling life, trust is essential. You need to trust your mentors, your instructors, your spouse, your doctor, and your boss. Most importantly, you need to trust your own ability to learn, and trust that choosing to make changes will be beneficial.

Many people don’t take action for success because they don’t trust that it will make a difference. They don’t trust that other people will care. But trust gives you the confidence to take action, and it is the cornerstone of all relationships. If you don’t trust others for fear of being hurt, your growth will be severely limited.

Trust comes from making the decision to trust. Many people feel that trust has to be earned, but my motto is to trust everyone until I have reason not to. If someone breaks my trust, it may be difficult for me to know when to decide they can be trusted again. But when, or if, it ever happens, it still involves another decision to trust.

Five – Ask: To get what you want, you must be willing to ask. It is amazing how many people simply will not or cannot ask for what they want or need.

You may feel selfish for asking for what you want or need, or embarrassed or afraid it will cause problems. You may find it difficult to ask for help of any kind, including candid feedback, because of pride or ego.

For too many people, asking for direction implies they have either lost their way or are unaware of what to do. Asking for solutions to your problems means admitting we have problems in the first place.

What you must learn is that asking for help and direction is not a sign of weakness! It is the quickest way to get what you want – from your spouse, your friends, and God.

Six – Decide: If you want things to be different in your life, you must decide to make changes. Action is the direct result of making a decision.

You may be afraid to make decisions because you aren’t sure of the outcome, but deciding to postpone or refusing to make a decision is still a decision.

To make good decisions, you must gather information from reliable sources and then decide which of the choices will best suit you and your situation. If a decision turned out to be wrong or didn’t give you the results you were counting on, it may need to be revisited so that you can make course corrections.

Once you settle on a plan of action, there may still be doubts and obstacles in your way, but to keep from wavering back and forth, simply choose to go for it.

If it is a Core Desire, you will make the necessary decisions until you overcome all hurdles.

Seven – Risk: The fear of taking risks nips many good ideas in the bud and kills many hopes and dreams. But you have to recognize that to venture out on any new path involves taking a risk.

Don’t let your fear of risk debilitate you. People who risk little, grow little. If you truly have a Core Desire, you will face the risk at all costs, and you will learn and grow.

Think about these seven Success keywords as you go about achieving your desires, and remember that it is YOU that holds the keys to your happiness every day!


8 Responses to “What Are the Seven Keys of Success?”
  1. There’s a fantastic book called the 7 spiritual laws of success by Deepak Chopra you might like. It is one of my favorite books about being successful and getting what you want out of life. You are very right that most of us overlook the simple power of asking for what we want!

  2. Hi Chelle. I love it when I get comments like yours agreeing with something I teach. I get feedback like this from all over the world.

    Even though he and I have some fundamental differences, Deepak is a brilliant man with some good principles. No doubt about it.

    Truth is truth no matter who teaches it. I have a problem with a few things that he includes in what he teaches.

    A person must learn to separate out pristine truth from whatever source is sharing and cast the rest away.

    We all have to just make sure we are able to glean the truth out from those things that are taught so we don’t ingest or accept partial truths or something that is just wrong but taught as right. Brownies are great to eat but no one would eat them if they were told that there just a little dog poo in them. All the ingredients of the brownie are good but that one little bit of crap. : )

    My main mentor taught that if you know the truth it will set you free. Truth is paramount to our success and ultimate happiness.

    You might want to get my book and CD program to see what I am talking about in more detail.

    Learn what your Core Desires are watch what wondrous things unfold in your life.

    Best wishes in all that you do.


  3. ryan says:

    This hits the nail on the head…but they are just to simple for many persons to comprehend. i guess that if it was rocket science then those who missed the boat would be able to get in.

  4. Point seven always gets me. I will never take any risks beyond $10. There are pros and cos to it though.

  5. Mark Doyle says:

    I think that I would define truth in the first key as “Absolute Truth” since people can become convinced that what they believe is the truth but it may just be their truth based on their unique perceptions, perception that were influenced by their environment and their own inner opinion. The personal truth can change but an “Absolute Truth” is timeless and not dependent on personal experience.

    Key Point 2 – Choice – when one matures from a victim attitude to a mature adult who realizes that where he or she is today is based primarily on the choices that they have made during their lifetime. Bottom line is that they need to take full responsibility for where they are today so that they can move forward. Once one takes full responsibility, then they will be more cognizant of the choices they make in the future and will realize that they can change by making different choices. This comment also folds in nicely with Key Point 2.

    For me asking has always been an issue since I like to dig in and figure it out myself so until I hit a wall I will try to be a bulldog and dig in. It is obvious that when you discuss being a good steward of our resouces, time is the most valuable since you can not get it back once you use it, hence asking for help can save significant time in moving forward so ask until you find a reasonable response.

    For me the one that has been left out is trying to decide which direction or path to take. I have many ideas but I guess as Terri Levine always points out that in most cases make the decision based on what will produce the most income but based on your core values this could be that satisfaction of helping another succeed and knowing that you played a role their success.

  6. Tom@Priligy says:

    In my opinion, there’s two keys of success: doing what you’re good at and doing your best as possible to be the best at it. Never give up, if you work hard you’ll achieve what you want.


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