Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

What is The Real Secret?


The Secret? Here is the truth– there is no secret! Many, top experts in the field of human development and achievement, including me disagree with the popular concepts taught in the movie, “The Secret”. We refused to have anything to do with that movie and movement once we learned what it was all about.

Why do we feel that way? Simple; the concept is basically flawed. Yes there are some good things taught there but the basic premise is untrue. If you have a recipe for a cake and all but one of the 10 ingredients are right but one is not, will your cake turn out? No. Would you eat the cake if you knew one of the ingredients was dog poo? Of course not.

Just because many keep touting something as true causing many to believe it, doesn’t make it true. This is exactly what Lenin, the Russian communist and leader who used force and terror to bring

What is the REAL Secret?

What is the REAL Secret?

about his nefarious plans, taught. He said that, “A lie told often enough becomes truth.” In other words the people begin to believe it as if it is the truth but nevertheless it is still a lie.

That problem does not just apply to that movie. Amazingly, in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, some of the most popular speakers and trainers in the world continue to say that if you write down your goals they will happen and if you don’t they won’t. They actually say things like, “Put your goals in writing. If you can’t put in on a sheet of paper you probably can’t do it.” That is simply a lie born of ignorance. This is the kind of false propaganda that has been foisted on the public for well over a half century. And, over time, people began to believe it.

I found something else interesting. When people didn’t achieve all their goals they tend to redouble their efforts and, again, write down goals (only this time with even more determination to “try harder”). Or, Believing perhaps they had set their goals to high, they lower them hoping this will solve the problem and make them successful this time around. Never did they wonder or consider if the source of the goal setting advice was wrong. They always assume the reason for their failure lies with themselves. After the experts and gurus said it was the way to succeed and who can argue with them? Right? Wrong!

There is another way to create success that has been around long before the self-help movement started in the 1940s. I learned about almost by accident. You see, I became very successful because of it and was asked to share my “secret”. Back then I didn’t know what it was I just :did it”. So I analyzed my life’s experience and discovered the true cause of all achievement. I determined that this was what the world needed to know and a speaking career was born. Now my message is taught all over the world; it’s in a #1 best selling book called the DNA of Success, which is now in 15 languages and audio programs both of which sell worldwide.

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