Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

What is The Zufelt Experience?


What is all the chatter and buzz about this thing called TZE?

TZE?  People all over the world are asking, “What in the world IS TZE???”

It is still one of the world’s best kept secrets. No more! Now, with the help of the internet, I am telling millions what it is and why it is so valuable to anyone who gets to attend.

Throngs of motivated people from all walks of life have attended my famous, TZE weekend retreats! They come from all over the world including Italy, Singapore, Norway, England, Australia and Canada.

TZE is an acronym for The Zufelt Experience….a one of a kind event designed to create massive change and increased ability. You become the kind of person who can create MEGA success in your life, SUPER FAST! Just 2.5 days to be exact!

I have documented proof that in just two and a half days I can impact you personally in a way that will move you to continued, sustained perpetual action, focus and achievement that, frankly, is incomparable to any other teacher, trainer or expert you can engage at any price anywhere in the world.

That may sound like a brash, bold, arrogant statement – I am none of those– I think I am humble, but I am super confident, not just about myself, but about the power, simplicity and predictability and the certainness of the results of my TZE weekend retreat.

At TZE we identify your invisible barriers that are getting in the way of your success….then we destroy them. Like blowing up a dam! Once that is done you will be able to move forward at any pace that you want!

We all have one or more invisible barriers. I have identified 55.

Here are just a few:

  • not knowing WHY you are not as successful although you keep trying,
  • lack of confidence
  • procrastination
  • low self-esteem,
  • wrong or limiting paradigms
  • being a perfectionist
  • wanting more but not know how to make it happen
  • fear
  • no/low passion
  • self doubt
  • marriage issues of all kinds

Whatever YOUR invisible barriers are, we will destroy them with laser focus and efficiency. Only then can you achieve the success you long for and deserve….without being held back by an invisible barrier. All this in just 2.5 days? Yes! Guaranteed!

Results speak for themselves. See the testimonials at the TZE website. I have been referred to as the Wizard of Awes because of the AWEsome the benefits attendees get at these retreats!

It is an exclusive weekend limited to 20 paid students. I keep the TZE retreat small enough for me to be able to provide everyone with what THEY individually need to create massive success. So register right away.

I am so confident that I can do this for anyone that I offer a 100% Money back guarantee!

Learn more about TZE and register at

It is appropriate for you to call me and talk to me personally (not a sales agent) and ask any questions you might have. Call me at 303 741-0925.

Jack Zufelt

“Mentor to Millions”

Author of the #1 best selling book

The DNA of Success

Here is an attendee, a Doctor, said about TZE:

“I have taken “The Zufelt Experience” (TZE) and it was instrumental in transforming the way my business partner and I do our business! As a result we work better together, get more done and are FAR more successful. I highly recommend Jack and TZE.
Jack truly and deeply cares about making a difference in the lives and businesses of those he works with. His integrity is impeccable and his business acumen is beyond question!”

Dr. Christina Winsey
Board Eligible Diplomat, American College of Addictionology and Compulsive Disorders

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