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Will New Year’s Resolutions Lead to Self-Transformation?


True story:  On December 7, a Grand Rapids man awoke to find himself surrounded by acrid, black smoke.  He and his wife, who both worked night shifts, had been napping downstairs while their two young children played upstairs.

“Where are the kids?” the man yelled.

“They’re upstairs!” his wife answered hysterically.  “They’re not answering!”jonathan brito

The staircase was utterly invisible in the churning smoke.  Flames were engulfing the house.  And the two children were out of sight and silent.  The man had to make a choice.

He decided it was important to him to save his children.  So, it being so close to the holidays and all, he sat down and wrote out a New Year’s Resolution:

Save my children from the fire.

Just seeing the words on paper encouraged him, so he set about breaking it into baby steps:

  1. Cover face with something.
  2. Find the bottom of the steps  . . .

When he was finished with his baby steps, he pondered for awhile, chewing on the end of his pencil.  Then he wrote out his reward for completing each of the baby steps, just to keep him motivated:

  1. Complete Baby Step One, I get to download five songs for my mp3 player.
  2. Complete Baby Step Two . . . .

All right; I admit.  The last part of the story is what my dad would have called Hogwash!

The beginning of the story is true – the couple awoke to realize their kids were upstairs in the burning house.  But of course the guy didn’t make a New Year’s Resolution.  He didn’t think about rewards.  In fact, he didn’t think at all!  He groped his way to the stairs, staggered up to the second floor and searched until he found the two little boys, huddled in terror in a corner.  Then he grabbed one each under an arm and ran for the stairs and the exit.

Later, Jonathan Brito told reporters:  “If I’ve got to jump through fire to save my kids’ lives, that’s what I’m going to do.”  In fact, he even went back into the house one more time and brought out the family dog.

Why?  Why would he risk his life to go farther into that burning house?  Why didn’t he have to think about it or make a conscious decision?

He didn’t need to make a resolution, because his kids were a Core Desire.  He loved his children.  He didn’t need to go through a self-transformation, because he was already in tune with his identity – he was defined in large part by the fact that he was their father.

We’re closing in fast on the end of 2009.  Has it been a good year for you?  Are you happy with where you are, what you’ve accomplished?  If not, you might be considering making a self-transformation with one of the dreaded New Year’s Resolutions.

q  I’m going to quit smoking

q  I’m going to lose weight

q  I’m going to start a new career

q  I’m going to get rich!

Here, let’s see if you can finish this sentence:

New Year’s Resolution’s are made to be . . . .


Broken.  Why did you know where I was going with that?  Because New Year’s Resolutions don’t work. But, Jack, you might be saying.  I have to do something.  I can’t just stay like this, in this life, with these problems!  Are you saying there’s no hope?

Absolutely not.  In fact, I’m here to teach you how to finally, really make permanent positive changes in your life – how to flip that switch that will propel you to your Core Desires and unleash your Conquering Force that will get you there, wherever your personal “there” is.

We’re going to talk about this more in upcoming blogs, but in the meantime, if you’re ready to make real, lasting changes in your life, learn how now by accepting my gift to you this new years, a huge discount on my self-transformation products that are proven, truthful and effective.

Happy New Year!


2 Responses to “Will New Year’s Resolutions Lead to Self-Transformation?”
  1. Hmmm, I half agree with you. I don’t think that new years resolutions never work though, they work if you work at them!

  2. Julialouis says:

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