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WIN The Zufelt Experience Weekend in 2009!


Here’s your chance to W.I.N. The Zufelt Experience!

For the first time EVER, I’m hosting a contest where one lucky person can win an entry to The Zufelt Experience Weekend ($2497 value)


I host these exclusive weekends just a few times each year for only 20 people.  These life-changing gatherings have been such an incredible experience for attendees that I actually decided to add on one more this year, taking place August 21st-23rd in Denver Springs, Colorado.

WIN The Zufelt Experience Weekend in 2009!

WIN The Zufelt Experience Weekend in 2009!

Now, if you’ve ever had any interest in seeing what it would be like to transform your life in just 2 ½ days – if you’re reading this letter right now and you’re thinking, “I wonder what it would REALLY be like to be at my peak performance best, in every area of life, all the time.”…


You’ll get 1 ticket F.R.E.E. of charge to be one of the 20 people who attend The Zufelt Experience Weekend on August 21st. This includes:

  • The Zufelt Experience Grounding Materials: “The DNA of Success – Know What You Want To Get What You Want” This 208-page book is a complete course in and of itself AND “How to Use The Conquering Force Within You” More than 6 ½ hours of breakthrough audio training on how to unleash your Conquering Force and more importantly, how to use it to achieve success and peak performance.
  • The Zufelt Experience For Peak Performance Live Workshop: This is the live presentation with all the “bells and whistles.” And yes, I’ll openly admit it in advance… the process of achieving your peak performance best, breaking down barriers, and learning my mindset is rather unconventional (You’ll see!).
  • Personal One-on-One Mentoring: This is your personalized mentoring with me to help you for the next five months (one hour per month) after The Zufelt Experience.


There are just two simple things I want you to do right now:

  1. Visit The Zufelt Experience. Read about what it is, what it offers, and what the people who have attended have to say about it.
  2. If you decide after all you read that you want the chance to change your life in 2.5 days – Enter the Contest to W.I.N: “Win the Zufelt Experience, 2009!”

Yes – you’re reading that right – as your Mentor, I want to ensure that you always have the greatest opportunity to be at your peak. I’ve added an extra weekend this year, and I’ve also decided to give you the chance to W.I.N. one of the 20 spots available to attend.

Entering is simple: Just tell me why you need to attend The Zufelt Ezperience. You can write it out, make a video, draw a picture – anything you’d like. Just be sure to submit your entry by MIDNIGHT (12:00AM EST), August 7th, 2009.

Here’s where you can submit your entry:

  • Twitter – Reply to @jackmzufelt and use the hash tag #TZE to identify your entry
  • My Blog (Leave it as a comment on this post)
  • Facebook – leave your entry in the Discussions section of The Zufelt Experience Fan Page
  • By e-mail to: – put “W.I.N. The Zufelt Experience” in the subject line
  • By postal mail to: 3228 East Phillips Dr.Centennial, CO.80122.US

I’ll go through all entries and announce the winner on Monday, August 9th, 2009. I will pay for your attendance at the August 21st-23rd Zufelt Experience – normally a cost of $2,497, including  course time, training materials, and 5 months of one-on-one coaching following TZE Weekend (hotel, food and transportation not included).

Are you ready to enter for the chance to W.I.N. your place among the 20 attendees of The Zufelt Experience Weekend?

As the man who’s mentored hundreds and thousands of people, I can say with the utmost confidence that this program will absolutely provide you with the mindset, attitudes, paradigms, characteristics, skills, strategies, tactics and techniques you need to be extraordinarily successful.

— not just today, not just 2009, but into the future for as long as you live.

Psst…If you believe you need to attend The Zufelt Experience Weekend and want to make sure you get in, you can register now right here. There are both pay-in-full and easy payment plan options. You are welcome to still enter the contest – if you w.i.n. you’ll be refunded in full. Just remember, space is limited to 20 people only.


7 Responses to “WIN The Zufelt Experience Weekend in 2009!”
  1. Bruce Jacobs says:

    “I wonder what it would REALLY be like to be at my peak performance best, in every area of life, all the time.”…

  2. Ray Lanfear says:

    I met Jack at a seminar, several years ago. Purchased his book and cd’s and applied the principles in my life. It certainly worked for me. Jack is the “Bible” on taking you to a new level in your life, both personally and professionally. He can take the ordinary and make them extradordinary. Do not “Pass Go” purchase his book, cds, attend a seminar, or hire him for your coach and mentor it’s not an expense, it’s an investment for a lifetime of success.

  3. Sharyl says:

    After listening, and identifying a lot of myself in invisible barriers, knowing that something in me is causing paralysis, I need to be at the weekend lightening. As you shared your stories, I also thought of my sister and her husband who have had a run of bad luck the last three years, and I want them to be able to attend. I work as a school superintendent and I need to be able to learn this for me and then to be able to model for my teachers, and students, so they can quantumly leap forward from my example and teaching ability. Please teach me, so I can change the world, one child at a time. Please include my sister, brother-in-law and friend, so we can see the hope return to our families because we have mastered mortality and what it means to have true joy.

    If you have someone who is more in need than I, please choose them. If you could help my sister, by brother-in-law, my dear friend and me, we will be beacons of light, fearless, and optimistics for all whose paths we cross, helping, and serving. Finally we would look forward to being on your July 2010 teleseminar, so we could share our stories so others will benefit from your genuine heart of caring and service.

  4. tina says:

    I would love to go to Denver Spring and get my life restarted. It would be a great “kick in the pants” for the new direction I will be going on for the next five months! Let me know when I need to make plans to attend.

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  7. i always attend teleseminar specially if it is related to internet marketing, i really love to learn from teleseminars;-*

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